Review Policy

My reviews reflect my own honest enjoyment (or not) of the book. I’ll always try to give a fair overview, keeping in mind that everyone’s tastes are different, but these are just my personal thoughts, not a critical analysis.

Most books I read come from the library, but if I received a review copy from the publisher, that will be noted in the review. That said, although I may occasionally seek out books that interest me from NetGalley, I am not interested in receiving review requests at this time.

Stay Safe from Spoilers!

I’ll never reveal major spoilers, and do my best to avoid even minor spoilers. I don’t like to give away anything that you wouldn’t learn from reading the blurb. In the case of books in a series, it might not be possible to avoid spoilers for earlier books – whether plot points carry over or it’s just knowing that a character survives – but those reviews will be clearly marked when they come up.

Ratings Explained

Ratings mean different things to different readers, but these are the guidelines I use:

1 star = didn’t like it
2 stars = it was okay
3 stars = liked it
4 stars = really liked it
5 stars = loved it