About Me:Charleen @ Cheap Thrills

The basics: I’m 32, married, and a stay-at-home mom to our infant son (plus two feline furbabies). We live in Dubuque, Iowa – definitely an adjustment from the Chicago suburbs where I grew up. Luckily, they have a great library here, which is (almost) all I need.

As you will quickly discover, I’m a big fan of parentheses, ellipses, and the Oxford comma.

I also write a(n often-neglected) personal blog shared with my husband at Playing by Ear.

About Cheap Thrills:

I started this blog to talk about books that I’m passionate about. Thriller, mystery, horror… I take a pretty broad view: if it’s thrilling, it’s a thriller. Of course, my blog isn’t all reviews and promos; that would be boring! I have plenty of general bookish discussion going on too, some of it genre-focused, but a lot of it not. I don’t only read thrillers, after all… but given that there aren’t many blogs out there that focus on them, I wanted this to be one.