4 comments on “Bout of Books 14

  1. Oo. Time is ripe for the Jimmy Carter one since he’s just announced his cancer.

    • To be honest, that’s the title on my list I’m least excited for. But I’ve been blitzing through Feed, so chances are high I’ll need more audio material before the week is up. It’s just much heavier than the other audiobooks I’ve listened to, so I’m hoping it can keep my attention.

  2. I wasn’t sure, but I’m in too! Making time to read with my little guy hasn’t been *quite* as hard as I thought it would be, but things are definitely different these days. If nothing else, I know I’ll read a bunch of picture books this week! Have fun :)

    • I’ve found it’s not too hard to fit reading time in, it’s just much less reading time than I was used to before. Bout of Books is a good excuse to reach a bit.

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