17 comments on “Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Authors I’ve Read the Most Books From

  1. I didn’t like Casual Vacancy either! I really was hoping to love it, but I think that once she set herself up with the success of Harry Potter, it was hard for her to match that with anything that wasn’t fantasy!

    • I had no expectations of liking The Casual Vacancy. The plot summary didn’t interest me at all, but of course I had to see what she’d write next. I thought it was very good… but not my kind of book. The Galbraith books are more my style. I would love to get an adult fantasy from her though.

      • Me too! I still read adult fantasy to this day (Neil Gaiman, for example, is my favorite author) but nobody touches JK!

  2. I love how you included your favorite and least favorite book from each of the author on your list. The Green Mile is one of my favorite King novels, I say one of because it is so difficult for me to choose an absolute favorite.

    • The Green Mile sort of gets its own category in my mind. It’s hard for me to even think of it as a Stephen King book. There’s a lot of competition for the runner up spot, but this one stands out for me.

    • At the beginning of his career he was writing thriller and fantasy under two different names. I think it was around the time he started the Sigma series that he started focusing just on thrillers.

  3. I like that you included your favorite and least favorite from each author. While I wasn’t a huge fan of A Casual Vacancy I might pick The Cuckoo’s Calling as my favorite and not one of Harry Potter.

    • It’s so hard to compare the two since they’re so different. I do really like the new one, though, and I’m looking forward to the third book.

  4. Nice list — I like the favorites and least favorites! Cujo is probably my least favorite King as well. Haven’t read The Green Mile yet (although I recently picked up a copy). I’d probably either go with 11/22/63 or Misery as my favorites, but I could argue for others too! Not a fan of The Casual Vacancy either.

    • He’s such a great storyteller, and even though he’s mainly known for horror, I feel like he has something for everyone.

  5. You have so many on your list that i have not yet read anything by so i can go and check out lots of new people. We only share Rowling and King on our lists :)
    I am plan on reading 11/22/63 this month, who knows if that really happens, but i do hope it will.
    Fantastic list :)

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