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  1. What works for me is going on a regular schedule — but I get this might be harder when you have a baby’s schedule to juggle! I only go on Saturdays, and now I’ve gotten into the routine on Saturday of checking what books are up for renewal. Where I ran into trouble was going on all different days of the week. I always lost track of upcoming due dates that way. This way, I almost never do.

    • I do mostly go on Saturdays, but then if we’re going out of town one weekend I’ll have to go a different day (because I almost always have holds waiting, and they’ll only hold them for a week). The other time I’ll end up going on a random day is if I need to get out of the house after a particularly stressful day – there’ve been a few in recent weeks – going to the library is just my default place to get away… and of course if I’m there I’m going to check something out. But yeah, a weekly habit is much easier.

  2. My library has changed its online system recently, and now I get reminders 2 days in advance every time a book is coming due — and since I always have multiple due dates, it really helps. Lacking that, I know when my son was little and we’d have huge stacks of kid books I’d literally make a huge stack. I had one designated spot for the library book tower (sometimes in a big basket in the corner), and I just made a big effort to put them back there after reading. Even now, when I have books out just for me, I tend to pile them up on the piano and put them back there in between. First world problems! But yes, it’s hard to manage sometimes.

    • Our library does that too. It helps to make sure I don’t return anything late, but it’s not as good for making sure I read that book before I have to return it.

  3. libraries in that I have had experience here in Latvia doesn’t allow to take five or six books or about that. But as I don’t go to library that often, it’s not a problem now

  4. I also have a ton of books out at any one time especially now that I borrow books for my little guy…I tend to click on “sort by due date” on my account and just skim over the books for the baby because I never have a problem reading him those before they are due.

    There is also an option on my account to print out my list of checkouts (or you could just do it from your browser), so if I were having trouble keeping track, I think I would print it out and highlight my own books all in one color, the baby’s in another, and other things like movies in yet another. You would just need to print a new copy when you take more books out and/or renew some titles. I haven’t done this, but it’s what I think I would do if it got a little out of hand.

    • I also sort by due date on my account. The highlighting is a good idea, though, I might have to try that. It’s remembering to keep it updated that would get tough. Or I could go old-school and put the due date right on the book!

  5. I really don’t go to the library as often as I would like. I used to enjoy taking both kids and having them pick out a stack of books, however our library is so far out of the way together with the fact that I can only get there on a Saturday morning, and I kept getting hit with fines. So I decided it would just be easier to spend the money on buying books for them instead. I’ll get back to the library with them one day, but right now I just can’t handle the commitment needed to avoid those fines!

    • Wow, that is a lot of fines! Luckily mine have never gotten that bad; even if I do have to pay a bit, it’s never as much as buying the book would be. But, at least up until now, any time I returned a book late it was a conscious choice, so I could finish a book, or it was just more convenient for my schedule to go a couple days later. Now that I have so many, though, I could potentially see things getting overlooked.

  6. Hi there, I’m a Librarian and at our library parents are able to sign their children up for their own card basically from birth. Perhaps check if your library does this also? This way you would have separate accounts to check due dates for and maybe that would help?
    My nephew loves coming to visit me at work and always picks out a bunch of books that I take home for when he visits. I created a “Library shelf”, here I keep all of my books I have got out as well as all of his and he thinks it very special to be able to go and pick a book from the special “Library shelf”. The bonus of this is that all the books are together and I don’t have to worry about where they might be when I need to return them :)
    I hope this is helpful to you. You could also try having a book bag for your little man :)

    • Huh, I’d never even considered seeing if I can get him his own account! Obviously he’ll have his own library card eventually, but it might be nice even now to keep everything separate. On the other hand, I’ve always imagined taking him to get his first library card when he’s old enough to understand and (hopefully) be excited about it.

  7. I just try not to check out too many books at once–a tough feat! I’ve learned that if I check out more than 3 books, I’m just not likely to read them all before the due date, and then I fall into a spiral of renewing and procrastinating and returning the books unread anyway. For some reason, I just don’t like reading pressure of any kind, even if it’s the simple due date of a library book looming over me. If I had the money, I would just buy everything I want to read!

    • I know that spiral well. I do usually end up reading the book eventually, but I’ve had to return books unread as well, and then I feel guilty that I kept the book out of other readers’ hands (though if it’s a recent release I do make a point of reading them quickly and returning them as soon as possible).

  8. I was going to suggest you get your son his own library card, but I can see it was already suggested! I’m terrible about getting books back on time (I’ve been terrible about it since I was a kid). My own kids are no better.

    • Maybe it stems from my goody-goody nature, but I’ve never had a problem returning books on time. In fact I used to feel like it was a personal failing if I returned a book late. Recently, though, I’ve started cutting myself some slack, and if it’s more convenient to return something a few days late, I just view the fine as my contribution to the library. And it’s still way cheaper than buying every book I want to read.

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