7 comments on “Six Degrees of Separation: The Casual Vacancy

  1. Ha! That was fun to read!

    I am a HUGE fan of Wicked. I have been holding off for years to read the sequels. I was thinking that I would finally pick them up this fall. I think I need to go into them just knowing that they will never compare to Wicked!

    • Yeah. I really can’t even remember the details, I just know they didn’t have that same magic. Definitely lower your expectations… and then who knows, maybe you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

  2. So what did you think of the movie Stardust? I thought the book was okay, but I enjoyed the movie, maybe for the addition of the Robert DeNiro character.

    • I LOVE the movie! And I did see it before reading the book, which obviously influenced my reaction. But after reading more of Gaiman, I’m confident it wasn’t just that.

    • I’d had a string of “those” comments, and then as soon as I created the graphic, they stopped. Which is good… but yeah, kind of fun to pull that out!

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