11 comments on “May in Review

  1. If you haven’t listened to Jim Gaffigan’s Food: A Love Story, it’s worth seeking out. I listened to it this past month and I was glad I did. I don’t like audiobooks either except of the humorous celebrity memoir genre in particular like you.

  2. 48 hours of baby-free? Ugh… jealous right here! It’s especially tiring having a newborn and a toddler :) My parents took our 3 year old overnight last weekend and all I could think of was, could you take the infant instead so I could sleep?!

    • Yeah, I can’t even imagine doing all this with another little one running around. At least at that point you’ve had practice, I guess.

      • I’m definitely a lot more comfortable with what I’m doing this time. At least the 3 year old goes to daycare everyday so I do get some rest during the day.

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