4 comments on “ITW Must-Reads: Frankenstein

  1. I read Frankenstein back in high school, in Honors English. I was determined to conquer it, so I took notes, looked up words I didn’t understand, and discussed the novel at length with my classmates. Even after all that, I failed the quiz. I don’t know if it would benefit from a reread or if it would always be tainted by a bad experience.

    • There’ve been a couple books I’ve tried reading as an adult that I read (or was supposed to read) back and school, and it really is hard to get over that initial impression. I seem to do better with the classics that I’m reading now for the first time.

  2. I didn’t like this one in high school, but would love to revisit it at some point. I do remember even back then being surprised by how little I knew about the story despite Frankenstein being such a known cultural entity.

    • I think all that extra stuff was the most interesting part of the book. I really did enjoy it, although it’s just a bit slow for me… that seems to be common to a lot of older books, and I don’t know that there’s really any way to get past that. (I can work on changing my expectations, but personal preference is another matter.)

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