17 comments on “Snickerdoodle’s Not-So-Thrilling Book Haul

  1. Aw, very cute! I love baby books, they are just so bright and colourful. It’s exciting building up a library for a little one and with encouragement like this, they are bound to be a fellow bookworm! I know that’s how it worked for me anyway. My mother adored reading and always read to me and with me.

  2. So sweet! I know that I was able to get some Dr. Seuss in board book form for a baby shower I helped put together for a book club friend. Another of my favorite board book varieties to get for showers are Sandra Boynton books. They’re really cute board books, and one of them is called “Personal Penguin.” I’ve given THAT one a number of times! If you have a Gordman’s nearby, check that out. They usually have a good selection of board books at a really reasonable price, even if they aren’t the “big name” books. If a kid is going to drool all over it, they’re not going to know if it’s Seuss or a no-name rhymer ;).

    • It’s so funny that you mention Gordmans. No, we don’t have one by us… and my thought process went, “Wow, I haven’t even seen one of those since I lived… in the same place where Katie lives now. Right. Knew that.”

  3. Awww I love it! Definitely looking forward to baby & kid books coming up myself — there isn’t even a shower planned yet for my little guy, but I already know my best friend has been picking up a few books — as a fellow bookworm, I know she just can’t help herself :)

    I think it’s great you’re already thinking about the library for baby books, too — I’d like to do that myself and I’ve been keeping an eye out for programs & storytimes that are available and how young you’re allowed to startt — gotta have priorities, lol.

    • Yeah, I haven’t looked much into programs they have. I don’t know how young you’re allowed to start… I also don’t know how young I’d want to start bringing them to something like that. (I have a thing about not wanting to make a scene or be the center of attention… though something tells me having a kid will cure me of that, or at least get me used to the awkwardness.)

    • I’m so excited! I can’t wait until they get to the point where they understand stories and can really enjoy it… rather than books just being something else to chew on.

  4. I think my favorite that I read with my kiddos when they were teeny was Big Red Barn by Margaret Wise Brown. We all loved the Sandra Boynton books, especially The Going To Bed Book, Pajama Time, Barnyard Dance (okay, actually, all of her books are amazing). And for some weird reason, at about age 2, my son fell in love with Richard Scarry’s Cars and Trucks A to Z. He’d repeat all the names out loud and it was hilarious. Ah, good times!

  5. I can give you so many great recommendations!!! My kids went through three copies of Pat the Bunny. We owned most of Sandra Boyton (still do somewhere!). And, when he gets a little bigger, the Elephant and Piggie books are musts for every child’s library. The Pigeon ones too! We cannot get enough of them, even now that my kids are getting to be too old for them. We still buy them and love to read them for a good laugh!!

  6. I’ll second (or third) the Boynton! Many are great for slightly older toddlers.

    You definitely need the Jon Klassen hat books (“I Want My Hat Back” & “This is Not My Hat”). They’re as close to suspense thrillers as you’ll find in a picture book.

    • Well, I’m not exactly concerned about passing on my love of suspense this early… but more titles to look for is never a bad thing. (And a Caldecott Medal never hurts either!)

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