14 comments on “My Brain Is Already on Hiatus

    • It’s not even a time issue. I have all the time in the world. It’s just my brain refuses to work. I haven’t written any real material (not counting mini-reviews or Bout of Books updates) since early- to mid-December. I know I have no obligation to keep posting, but it’s still frustrating.

  1. I am kind of the same way. Maybe it’s because I blogged so much during Bout of Books. I have read some books so I am doing reviews instead of discussion posts. But I still feel like I am not my real blogging, reviewing self. Ha.

    • Usually discussions are easier for me to write, but even those aren’t coming. And I think I’m pretty much done with reviews. I still have one from last year that’s mostly finished, so I’ll polish that up and post it (hopefully soon), but after that I don’t think I’m going to worry about them until I come back later this year. I’ve never been great at writing reviews, and with the way I’m feeling right now, it’s just more frustrating than anything.

  2. You’re growing a person. It takes a lot of work! Brain fog is totally normal. According to my sister, whose daughter is now 8 months old, her “pregnant brain” is still in effect. She just calls it “baby brain” now. ;)

    • Yeah, I’ve had my pregnancy brain moments here and there (I was convinced that I was going to lock myself out of my car at some point; luckily it hasn’t happened yet), but suddenly it feels a lot worse… at least in this particular part of my life. Pregnancy writer’s block.

    • It really is hard work. Suddenly everything feels so inconvenient. The latest development is I can only reach the lowest shelves in the kitchen now, since I’m standing about 6″ farther back from the counter than I used to! But at least I’ve (mostly) stopped opening doors into my belly.

    • Yeah, easier said than done, unfortunately (even if it is just my own pressure on myself). I thought I was being good, planning for an extra month of no blogging even before my due date, but maybe I need even more than that. It kind of bums me out.

  3. I am a firm believer that babies suck away the majority of your brain cells. Some of them eventually come back, but not all of them. It’s okay!! It comes with the territory!! :)

    • I can’t even count the number of times I’ve used the “pregnancy brain” excuse. My husband told me this weekend that I can only use that for so long, but I reminded him that then I can blame it on “mommy brain.”

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