10 comments on “Bout of Books 12 – Day Three

  1. Finding trilogies like that are so rare for me that I think I might try that one next. I’m working on the second book in The Maze Runner trilogy and it seems slower than the first. I still have a ways to go, though but sounds like you’re doing amazing. Keep on keeping on!


  2. Your progress inspired us! We’re going to try to up the ante in our reading, too! Good luck for the rest of the week. (Visit us at okpotato.com if you have time or want to discuss any books; we’d love the company). -Cheri

  3. I wish I had been able to do the Twitter chat. But it was 3am here in Italy while you guys were doing that. I already stayed up until past midnight to finish a book. I needed seep! Ha. Good luck!

  4. You’re making me really want to pick up the third Paradox book right now. Especially since I’ve kinda sorta started another space opera book (Ancillary Justice), but it’s taking way too much energy to wrap my head around at the moment.

    • I really love reading series back-to-back, I don’t understand how some of you can start one and then just leave yourselves hanging!

  5. Super impressed by your daily and total page count! I had a pretty god day 3 although I didn’t read as much as I would have liked. Good luck with the rest of the read-a-thon!

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