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  1. I got the Serenity set for my husband (and let’s be honest, for myself too!) for Christmas — I have found this past year I really like comics/graphic novels way more than I expected I would, so I am holding out hope for these ones. We want to do a re-watch of the show and movie first before reading them though.

    I’ve only read one (maybe two?) Grisham books, but it was a loooooong time ago. I remember enjoying them and wouldn’t mind giving him another try except I’m determined to read more from my shelves and don’t have any — I’ll put it on my “someday” list.

    • This was only the third graphic novel I’d tried. The others I liked a lot better, but they were based on a cartoon (Avatar: The Last Airbender) so I think the new format just suited that world a lot more, at least in my mind.

  2. The Stand SO didn’t need to be that long! I think I enjoyed it, but it was giant and I didn’t like the main female character. And though I liked NOS4A2, I think Horns was so lot better. (Though the companion comics to NOS4A2, Wraith, were SUPER interesting and creepy!) And so far, I like Joe Hill more than his dad… his brand of disturbing fiction is more up my alley, I think.

    • It’s funny about The Stand, there were parts that I’m pretty sure were added in the new edition (though it could just be my memory failing me) that I did like, but then there were other parts that I recognized from the original that I think could have been cut. I still like the story, and I liked it better this time, but it’s definitely not my favorite of his work.

  3. I liked “Raise the Titanic,” … read it a few years back. I just finished “Vixen 03” another early book in the series. Personally, I thought it was really good – definitely made me interested in continuing on with the series, when I was wavering on whether to quit it or not….

    I’ve been wanting to read a Stephen King book for a while, preferably one of his older books. I gobbled up a lot of his stuff when I was in high school, but “The Stand” is one I never got to – probably the sheer size of it scared me away.

    • The older Dirk Pitt novel I read was The Mediterranean Caper, which Cussler originally didn’t even want to publish, so maybe it’s not fair to judge it (except that, you know, he did eventually publish it).

      • I’ve read The Mediterranean Caper … vaguely remember it being ok but nothing exciting. I think Cussler might be a hit-or-miss author for me. But I’ll keep chugging along because I have this terrible habit of never wanting to “break up” with an author, ha.

  4. I’m a little surprised by some of these reviews! So many of these are on my TBR that I have been excited to read (like the Joe Hill). I will be curious to see what I think when I finally get to them.

    • I really feel like a black sheep for not loving NOS4A2. I liked it, but with some books that doesn’t seem like enough, you know?

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