14 comments on “Bout of Books 12 – Goals

  1. Love your goal – to beat your previous records. I like that. Good luck with your reading! Stop by my blog on Monday – I’m hosting one of the first challenge (plus there’s a giveaway!). :)

  2. Better to be a bit overambitious now while you still have a fighting chance! I actually had decided against a final child-free Bout of Books because I was supposed to be at a wedding a good chunk of that week, but I’m not feeling up to travelling unfortunately :( Now that I’ll be stuck on my couch most of the time anyway, I think I probably should join in! Time to brainstorm a reading list I think…

    • Well that sucks that you’re missing the wedding… but more reading time is a good consolation prize, right? Hopefully you’re not feeling too crummy to enjoy even that.

    • I usually aim for more attainable goals so I can feel satisfied when I go above and beyond. But this time I decided to just go for it.

  3. That is a hard challenge. Sometime back, I could read a book in a day or two, but I am way too distracted right now that it is proving hard for me to read a book even in a week’s time.
    All the best. :-)

  4. Good luck and enjoy your last childfree readathon! You have a great mix of books lined up and one I see that I really want to read this year is The Bell Jar. Hope you meet your goals and read some great books!

    • There are so many books I want to read before the baby comes… I know I won’t get through even a fraction of them, but Bout of Books was the perfect opportunity to make a dent and start 2015 off right.

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