17 comments on “Bookish (and not so bookish) Thoughts – #40

    • I was late to discovering it, but now it just doesn’t feel like Christmas without it (not that I won’t watch it other times of course).

    • None at all! I mean, come on, I know we’re not supposed to like her, but it’s like… let’s give Rickman’s character a little more credit. Couldn’t he have been tempted by someone whose sole “attraction” (and I use that word incredibly loosely) isn’t just that she’s a sure thing?

  1. Glad to hear you had a good trip! I’m not a Love Actually fan (I think because I missed out on seeing it when it first came out and heard so much hype before I actually watched it), but I really adore the director’s new movie In Time.

        • Yes, I love the music. I still remember watching How I Met Your Mother once and realizing they used it for the soundtrack to a fake movie in the show. I was like… wait, I know this!

    • I actually only saw it for the first time a few years ago. But I hadn’t really heard much about it from my friends (other than the occasional, “Oh, it’s good, you should watch it”) and it was before I was online nearly as much as I am now, so I guess I didn’t have the chance for it to get over-hyped.

    • The vet couldn’t say much, other than confirm that, yes, he’s almost completely blind. We’d still like to find out if there’s an underlying cause, not because we think it can be reversed, but to know if more complications are on the way. It’s tough. We knew when we took him in that he wouldn’t be around forever (he could be 20 for all we know), but I just hope this isn’t the start of a rapid decline.

  2. I’m a Love Actually fan too, and now feel the need to find my copy at home. :)

    (I had no presents either, and I finally caved last night a bought a ton of stuff on Amazon. Maybe not the best choice, but it was effective.)

    • We did some looking yesterday and came up with nothing. I think we’ve finally resigned ourselves to the fact that the adults are getting gift cards this year… and next year, Christmas shopping starts in September.

  3. Ha! We never decide on our elected officials the first go-round. Everybody always assumes there will be run-off elections, because we have this ghastly thing called a jungle primary, rather than having proper primaries at the proper primary elections time. It is the worst. I was ready to punch in my laptop screen if I had to see one more damn attack ad for these damn elections.

    But I’m glad you liked New Orleans! Did everyone treat you right? In lovely New Orleans? Did you get go cups and beignets and etouffee? (I am used to go cups and do not care about them, but out-of-towners usually LOVE them.)

    • We actually didn’t visit any bars, so no go cups. (Not really my scene anyway, let alone in my current condition, and my husband didn’t mind skipping them.) But yes to the beignets and etouffee. Also lots of jambalaya and red beans and rice and tons of delicious seafood. Yeah, I would totally go back for the food alone.

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