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    • Oh, that’s not a secret, I just was just keeping things vague in the timeline… more about the experiences than the specific books. But that one was We Were Liars. I just didn’t get the fuss. And the downside about these kinds of books is that the more everyone else raves about them, the more I dislike them… even if I was more or less indifferent toward the book itself.

      • I did not read that one- have actually been on the fence. But I’ve been seeing some of ya’ll talking about it was ok, or you didn’t care for it. I think I may put it in my consider pile- and when the hype dies down- decide if I want to read!

    • Probably not, it was a pretty obscure one. All of those month headings are links, though, so you can see the details for each month if you want. Thanks for stopping by!

  1. I finally got on board with Bout of Books this year but not til the spring. I’d definitely like to hit the ground running with it in 2015. I need to have one of those good months for series books too. I have a ton of series started but depressingly few *finished*. Looking forward to hearing more about those favorites you’re hinting about!

    • It’s really fun to keep dropping hints. I think I’m going to try to work them into all my Month of Faves posts until I finally reveal the answers (that most people will probably figure out by then). Thanks for reading!

  2. It’s so frustrating when books you really don’t like end up winning awards! I’ve never read Rainbow Rowell…just has never appealed to me, but I know she’s really popular.

    • Yes! So annoying. It was actually Eleanor & Park that was the winner of the tournament I helped judge, and I just didn’t get it… even though I have liked other of her books, this one fell completely flat for me. So hard when you’re the odd one out.

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