8 comments on “A Call for Guest Bloggers

    • I’d like to keep the blog going while I’m gone if I can. Even if it’s only a post a week. I guess it depends what kind of response I get.

  1. Ok, I’m a little daft…how does a discussion via Google Docs work? I’m interested in helping out, just want to make sure I know what I’m doing! :)

    • I set up a blank document and invite people to be able to add to it. You’ll basically be creating the blog post as you share your thoughts and respond to one another. I figured it would be the most straightforward way to set up a conversation and keep it organized, rather than an email chain (which is great for just two people but can get messy with more… in my experience anyway).

      • So I don’t actually post anything to the blog until after the Google Docs discussion is over? Or it all just stays in Google Docs?

        • I’ll do all the posting to the blog. You’ll have your conversation in Google Docs, and when it’s done I’ll do the formatting and schedule the post. (Which is why I’m hoping to have all conversations wrapped up and guest posts submitted before my hiatus actually starts, so I have time to put it all together… and allowing a buffer for people getting behind and/or the baby coming early. To be honest, I’m probably stressing about this more than I need to be.)

          • I just realized I never responded to this. Bad me! Haha. Well, I thought I would be able to help out, but since I obviously have a hard enough time doing my own posting and responding to comments these days, I might not be the best choice. Let me know if you’re in a pinch though, and I can try to get something together! (Though also I have to say yes–don’t stress too much about being absent for a while. Everyone will understand!) :)

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