12 comments on “November Mini-Reviews

    • It really sucked me in and took me by surprise. I liked how it was more subtly suspenseful without that being the focus of the story.

    • It was definitely that. There were just certain things I had trouble buying into, and it pulled me out of the story, but the author did a great job pulling me back in. I’m wondering if I’d like a different book of hers better.

  1. The only one here I’ve read is 11/22/63 — and I also devoured it in way fewer days than I’d have thought possible. Just impossible to put down. I like your comment on your DNF book — the ones I have to work for are often the ones I walk away from.

    • Yup. I always get frustrated when people assume a DNF means it’s even worse than a 1-star rating. Most books I give up on aren’t bad… I’m just getting better at figuring out when a book isn’t for me.

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