6 comments on “Bookish (and not so bookish) Thoughts – #38

  1. Seeing the ultrasound is kind of unreal, isn’t it? My office doesn’t do the 3D kind which I’m glad about because I also think it makes the baby look like an alien. The regular kind is so darn clear now, that is plenty of a view for me!

    My first trimester I slept a solid 10 hours a night every night because I was so freakin tired all the time, but now sleep has gotten a little weird for me too. I’m not sure it’s really a pregnancy thing either, but the pregnancy fatigue is definitely no longer in my favor when it comes to sleeping though the night! I guess I could call it practice for the spring?

    • Well, once I’m actually tired enough to go to sleep, I do have some trouble getting comfortable. And I usually don’t sleep all the way through the night either. But this seems unrelated to those sleep issues… I’m just flat out not tired, even if I was struggling to stay awake earlier in the day.

  2. Woah, I didn’t know they just showed you the 3D kind – I remember when those were some premium thing that you had to pay extra for. I’m with you, though, I think I would be totally weirded out even if it were my own kid (even though it can be kind of cute if you catch a really recognizable feature).

    • This was all the same machine, just different display options. She actually kept flipping back and forth between the two kinds of images, to look at different things I guess. It’s cool that they have the technology to do that, if it helps them see that everything’s developing normally… I just don’t have any desire to see it. It doesn’t mean anything to me, beyond the sentimentality/reassurance of seeing my unborn child, and the traditional ultrasound serves that purpose just fine.

  3. The 3D ultra sounds are a bit creepy looking. Ours looked so much like a little alien face. He had his mouth open and was all squished up against me so we got like half a face heh.

    • I don’t know, maybe I’m just jaded by technology. I think I’d be more open to it if it looked more real. And obviously it does look more real than the older kind… but not real enough to make me go, “Aww, that’s my baby!” Instead I’m just a little unsettled by it.

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