4 comments on “The Fellowship of the Worms: ‘Salem’s Lot

  1. I rather like your stance on potential vampire invasions. You’re TOTALLY right- what’s the harm in humoring some potentially nutty folks until morning? I didn’t love this as much as I thought I would, but I’m rather pleased I avoided the nightmares I feared. I’m still going to steer clear of full on evil spirit/psycho killer King, but I’m more open to some of his more horrifying and less psychological works. Thanks for playing!!!

    • That’s the great thing about King is that, even though he’s mainly horror, he writes such a wide range within that classification (and sometimes outside of it).

  2. Salem’s Lot doesn’t haunt, it just induces a fear. And that is what I like about this novel by King. It has been about two years since I read the book. But I still remember how hooked I was by the story line. King is well known for taking many pages to create a setting and then only does things pace up. I find that frustrating sometimes (the reason I left Firestarter and The Shining in between, both about a hundred pages short of the end), but somehow, I got through the entirety of Salem’s lot and quite liked the book.
    Which is your favorite book by King, among those that you have read? It is definitely It for me. :-)

    • The Green Mile is far and away my favorite King. It completely blew me away. But as for his horror stuff, The Dark Half. I loved the whole dual personality thing.

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