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  1. I’ve been meaning to read more Sherlock Holmes for the longest time. I loved the few short stories I read in high school and keep saying I will read the novellas and then get back into the stories, but it hasn’t happened yet! It does seem like a good time of year for it though… And I was definitely not one of the people who liked How to Be A Good Wife — I 2 starred it when I reviewed it and was majorly disappointed — I think even more than you as I seriously considered DNF’ing it, but pushed on because I was intrigued and it was such a short book. I was definitely on the fence between 1 and 2 stars in the end, but the writing bumped it up just a smidge.

    • I was sort of worried about the Sherlock Holmes, just because it is so old-fashioned and that’s not at all what I normally read, so I was really happy with how much I enjoyed it. As for How to Be a Good Wife, I was never in danger of DNF’ing it. But I definitely get why you didn’t enjoy it.

      • I know what you mean about old-fashioned — and I would add that for me sometimes a concern with older books is that I know too much about them even if I have never read them before. Case in point The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde I recently read — it’s hard for it to be shocking or surprising when I already knew the basic premise as common knowledge. What I specifically remember liking about Sherlock when I read them for school was despite the detective being so well-known and famous in popular culture, I was kept guessing til the end of the stories. Oh man, now I really want to get cracking on them — perhaps when I finish one of the other three books I have going at the moment!

  2. ‘Salem’s Lot was a 3 star for me too. Speaking of Under the Dome, I was working on a 6 Degrees of Separation post and had to stop myself from linking to Under the Dome because I would have had to spoil it majorly. But man, that book deserves to be spoiled :-P

    • That’s a problem I have sometimes with recommendations. I’m thinking, “If you liked this, you’ll like that…” but the thing that connects them is a major spoiler for “that.” (And I’ve got my Fellowship of the Worms post scheduled for Wednesday… so stay tuned!)

    • I read The Lost World a while back, but I wasn’t that impressed. There was nothing in it that feels fresh 100 years later… on the other hand, Holmes feels charming and timeless rather than outdated.

    • I wish I could do audiobooks, but they just don’t hold my attention while I’m doing other things (and if I’m not doing other things, well, I can read faster than I can listen).

  3. From the books I have read so far in the Sherlock Holmes universe, Baskervilles is my favourite.

    • I really want to read more. It makes me sad that most of them are short stories, though; I’m definitely more of a novel reader, and there are only a few of those.

      • True. I have also found the short stories to be rather boring. I stopped after the first case book because I was so bored with them.

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