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  1. Oh wow congrats!! I didn’t know until I read this :)
    Good luck with all those goals and it’s definitely a good idea to think ahead and try and get stuff done for when the baby comes.
    I don’t have any goals right now, just read what and when I want.

    • Thanks! I’m trying not to make it ALL I talk about (and I know you haven’t been on much lately) but I’ve been “Twitter public” with the news about a month now.

  2. Congratulations again, Charleen! This is such an exciting time – I love your costume! My bookish goals (well, more like blogging goals) are to get better at scheduling posts and writing reviews RIGHT AWAY. I’ve been slacking on those lately!

    • Thanks! Those are some good goals. I’ve found my reviews are usually better if I at least start them right away, let them sit a while, and then polish them up closer to the post date.

  3. Congratulations (again) and that is an adorable costume! One of the most pleasant thoughts about possibly having kids for me is being able to read to them as early as possible and hopefully start them with a book habit too :P

  4. CONGRATS to you!!! Awesome, awesome news. I hope your pregnancy is easy peasy! :)
    I love that you’ve set these blog goals so far in advance. I didn’t really start planning out my blog stuff until a month or so before my due date…and by then, it was down to the wire. I remember that I had 3 posts I REALLY wanted scheduled before Tater Tot arrived, and I wrote/scheduled them at 4pm on Tuesday…then ended up going into labor at midnight. So, mission (barely) accomplished. Ha! :) My biggest piece of advice is to not put too much pressure on yourself re: blogging after the baby comes (though it sounds like you are already planning to do that)…I STILL put too much pressure on myself sometimes, and TT is 10 months old. Also, I bet you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much reading you can get done. With both my kids I thought I would be in reading purgatory after they were born, but those late nights really give you lots of time for books! :)

    • I think I’m thinking this far ahead because planning for the blog is a lot less stressful than planning for a baby! I’m thinking based on things I’ve heard (from you and others) that I probably will have some decent reading time during nursing… once I get the hang of it, anyway. I’ll have to stockpile some ebooks (and get a book light since my reader doesn’t light up on its own).

  5. Congrats! Very exciting. When I had my second baby my reading suffered the most…probably cause I was outnumbered at that point. It’s cool though, everything will fall into a schedule before you know it. And once that happens, you’ll be good to go. Whenever life gets crazy I just post less. I also keep a list of post ideas that I see on other blogs (often the Top Ten Tuesday posts) so I can use them whenever I need something to put up.

    • Yes, I can’t imagine having a baby and a toddler to take care of (even though that’s probably just where I’ll be in a few years). I’m not worried that I won’t have time to read so much as that I won’t have the mental capacity to read even when I do have the time.

  6. Congratulations!
    Perhaps you’ll fit in some reviews for parenting books and gorgeous picture books instead.

    Load up your e-reader with easy to read comfort reads, create a stand next to your bed or lounge (or wherever you plan to do the 4am feed) so you can read whilst breast feeding :-)

  7. Congrats Charleen! I look forward to seeing the new developments for you for your blog as you adjust! And any updates on the baby! :) That shirt is hilarious too!

    • It will be an adventure, that’s for sure. (Though maybe not quite so exciting for my readers when I only have the chance to check in once a month.)

  8. You, lady, have lofty goals and you sound determined. Good for you, and staying busy is always a good thing. Take your time and enjoy your experience, I’m sure you’ll have plenty of reading time during baby’s naps and maybe during feedings, even? lol You’ll get there. Love the shirt!

  9. I’m working on some new blog/bookish goals for the new year, though it’s still a bit early.

    Congratulations! Love your shirt. :)

    • Thanks! I wore it all day today as well… figure this may be the only Halloween it’s appropriate, I might as well milk it for all it’s worth!

  10. Yey congrats!! I love that costume so much! I’m seriously looking forward to getting all the nerdy maternity shirts as soon as we decide to get to that part of our lives ;-). It definitely makes sense to start thinking about how you want blogging to work for you, though maybe just a straight up hiatus for a bit is a good idea too ;-) I really hope to keep reading/listening to books while pregnant and the first year after since I suspect it will help my sanity a lot too, plus reading out loud to the little one from the beginning is good right?? :D

    • Thanks! And I know I’ll need “me” time… but whether I use that suddenly limited time to read, write, or watch Netflix is anyone’s guess.

  11. Congratulations (again)! I found the first few months with a newborn made for lots of reading time, but little time to write about what I was reading – so planning pretty far in advance is a good idea. I hope everything goes smoothly for you!

    • Thanks! I really don’t know what to expect. With my hobbies, I tend to go through phases where I get really into something at the cost of all my other interests… so I’m sort of wondering if “baby” will become my new hobby. Maybe instead of novels I’ll read nothing but parenting books. Or instead of reading at all I’ll take up crochet again and start making all the things. Whatever happens, it’s sure to be a major change.

  12. I am so excited for you and I adore that Halloween costume! Too cute!

    I was blogging when my daughter was born. I actually got more reading in after she was born because that’s what I did whenever she nursed (I have a hard time just sitting down and doing nothing!). Blogging was harder though. Good luck with that transition and way to be proactive!!

    • Yeah, I’ve heard from several people that that’s a good time for reading… though an ereader will be more convenient than trying to hold a physical book. Or who knows, maybe I’ll finally get into audiobooks.

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