7 comments on “Fright Fest Week 1

  1. I have a stack of the original books at home and now I can’t remember if I have The New Girl. I have to look this weekend! I started Party Games and am about 30% in. The writing is exactly how I remember it as a kid.

    • I’m still waiting for my library to get Party Games. Fingers crossed that it comes before the end of the month. I’m already on the waiting list. (Okay, I AM the waiting list.)

  2. Ooh… R.L. Stine. Good times! I haven’t read “The News Girl” and I honestly forgot the title of the scariest R.L. Stine book I read. I remember, though, that it was about two sisters, if not bestfriends. And one of them turns out to be a schizo. I am currently reading something that I didn’t read as a child although it is still horror. It’s Stephen King’s “Four Past Midnight.”

    • I’m not sure if I have a “scariest.” I’ve never really liked being scared, and any book that truly freaked me out was probably not anything I wanted to be reading. Thanks for stopping by!

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