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  1. I have read The Cuckoo’s Calling, and was a bit disappointed, because I enjoyed The Casual Vacancy soo so much! The Cuckoo’s Calling was a bit lenghty to me. And I didn’t like the end. After finishing it, I thought I wouldn’t want to read the Silkworm immediately. After reading your review, though, I might pickt it up soon maybe, but not in this year anymore I guess :D

    • I didn’t care for the end of The Cuckoo’s Calling either, but I really enjoyed the majority of the book, so I still came away feeling like it was a good one. I think The Casual Vacancy was probably objectively better, but there was very little I could invest in, beyond the writing itself. (Though it’s to Rowling’s credit, because I think had that story and those characters come from any other author, I probably would have DNF’d it.) Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I haven’t read the first book, but I made sure to read your review because I’m curious to know if the second one was good. I’m not sure if these books are for me though, but it’s interesting to see JK Rowling write something so different. I really admire her as an author, and I’m glad you enjoyed these books for the most part!

    • She really is great. Did you read The Casual Vacancy? That’s the book that really made me realize how talented she is. Not only can she bring a fantasy world and all its many characters to life, she can do the same thing with the real world. It’s still really tough for me to say I liked the book… but whether or not I personally enjoyed it, I can say without a doubt that it was very good.

  3. I’m number approximately 8 zillion on the library wait list for this one. I liked The Cuckoo’s Calling though, despite my trepidation toward thrillers. I’m excited for The Silkworm, and 4 stars is indeed high praise from you!

    • I think they’re very low-key, not so much about the thrill… which makes them great for non-thriller fans. (And I love that you know how I feel about my 4-star books. Those 5-star books are so rare, sometimes I almost feel like I’m just rating out of 4.)

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