8 comments on “Bookish (and not so bookish) Thoughts – #35

    • I’m liking it so far. I’m hoping if I can get more in the habit of taking pictures… any pictures, even inconsequential ones… then I’ll feel more comfortable pulling out the camera when I actually have something worthwhile to take a picture of, whereas up until now I’ve just never really bothered.

  1. Ooh the symphony sounds fun. Enjoy :) I haven’t seen that YA article so I’ll have to check it out. It does speak to a lot of people, not just teenagers, so I can see why they thought to title it that way. Definitely sensationalizes the topic for click throughs.

    • I do agree with some of what the article has to say. But to me, “YA speaks to everyone” is just as ridiculous a statement as “adults shouldn’t be reading YA,” and it’s hard for me to look past the “if you can’t relate to YA, there must be something wrong with you” vibe.

  2. FEAR STREET! Oh man, I need to revisit some of that. Pretty much my entire middle school reading repertoire was Fear Street…

    • Yup. I never did get into Goosebumps (I guess they were too young for me by the time I discovered them) but I was all about Fear Street.

  3. Wow, sounds like you’ve got some busy weekends coming up. I love going to the symphony. I heard Beethoven’s 8th for the first time this summer and found it to be just about as mind blowing as I imagined.

    • That’s one I don’t think I’ve ever heard live, but I have all his symphonies on CD and have listened to them all. I’m going again in February and they’re playing his 3rd at that one.

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