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    • Yeah, I was so happy when they extended the event to four days, so even if I can only work Thursday and Friday, I still feel like it’s worth it. A whole week would be amazing. Yes, I could just continue working on my own the following week if I don’t finish my list, or I could start early… but then there’s just not the same camaraderie, thus not the same motivation.

    • I’m sure it’s great if you are literally logging your own collection. But just for generally tracking what I read, there was too much superfluous stuff. (I also thought the site was ugly. Minor quibble.)

  1. Yay! Nicely done. I’ve fallen in a massive and weird blogging rut, where I don’t quite enjoy it, but I miss doing it as frequently. Weird place. At some point I’d like to do something like Bloggiesta to help break me out of it.

    • Grr, yeah, that’s no fun. I’ve gotten in ruts like that before. In my experience, it’s when something starts to feel too much like an obligation… so it’s not that I miss doing it, but I miss when doing it was fun. Hope you can get over it soon.

  2. I had a pretty good Bloggiesta weekend too, though not nearly as productive as yours.

    I’d definitely be a fan of a week long bloggiesta!

    • Yes! The first time I ever did a Bloggiesta it was one of the minis, and for some reason I assumed the full event was a week. And then I was disappointed to realize it was only one extra day. I was glad when they expanded it from three to four days, but a full week – even if only once a year – would be even better.

  3. Oh go you for getting so much done during Bloggiesta (even if some of them weren’t done as completely as you wanted)! I didn’t participate in Bloggiesta, but I have been working on catching up with commenting (which is taking me FOREVER since I’m a month behind… whoops)!

    I am excited by the idea that they might be extending Bloggiesta in the spring. I always feel like I have SO much I want to do that I get put off in participating because there’s no way I’ll be able to achieve it all in a weekend. (That’s backwards, isn’t it?) Plus, I feel like if I am busy one of those days then that makes it even harder. At least with a week it gives you a little more time to work around other things, and yet still encourage you to be productive and get stuff done. So yes, hopefully they do that!

    Anyways, yes, I’ve had a good weekend (especially because MY DISSERTATION IS DONE)! Glad you have a good one too :)

    • Yeah, I definitely get that. Some people just make lists of everything they possibly want to get done, even though they know it’ll never happen. But then it helps them to stay focused even when Bloggiesta is over. Personally I like keeping my list manageable so I feel more encouraged. I definitely like the idea of a week-long event for flexibility… it’s the same reason I prefer Bout of Books over the 24-Hour Read-a-Thon.

      And congrats on your dissertation!!!

    • Yeah, I always have to remind myself that some progress is better than no progress at all. Doesn’t always feel that way… which is how stuff keeps falling by the wayside.

      (Actually, that’s part of the reason I was slacking so bad on BBDIB. I felt like if I didn’t have time to sort through ALL the requests right then, it wasn’t worth doing. There were a couple times I made myself go in and tick just a couple names off the list – approve, reject, or contact as appropriate – but then I’d feel guilty for not getting to the rest of them.)

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