4 comments on “Bookish (and not so bookish) Thoughts – #34

  1. Dewey! I was sick last time and had the whole day planned out, but barely got through it. Such a disappointment. I hope this time I’m more successful.

    • I had a lot of fun in April, but I felt like I was sick for about two days afterward. Here’s to staying healthy (and actually sleeping).

  2. Anytime I’ve done Dewey, I just read whenever I had free time and never for the full 24 hours. I’d be a zombie for the following week if I did that!
    Hope your sleeping pattern gets better. I’m a terrible sleeper but don’t need too much. I’m ok with about 7 hours or slightly less. The only thing I do is get up as soon as I wake up. Before I used to snooze over and over, and feel awful when I got up. And I can’t believe you slept through the alarm! I’m such a light sleeper that even a creak in the floorboards wakes me up.

    • I’ve only done it once, and I wasn’t planning on staying up the whole time, but something else was keeping me awake anyway, so I only got a few hours’ sleep. And yes, I was a zombie for the next two days. It was like I had the flu and a hangover all at once. I didn’t start to feel like myself again until Tuesday. So no, not doing that again.

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