14 comments on “Top Ten Tuesday: Five Authors I’ve Only Read One Book From But Need to Read More

  1. Yes! Yes! Elizabeth Haynes and Khaled Hosseini – Why, oh why, haven’t I read more by them yet?!

    Patricia Highsmith is an author I want to try.

  2. I read a Sidney Sheldon approximately eleventy billion years ago, but I remember enjoying it a lot… I haven’t picked one up since, and clearly I SHOULD because The Stars Shine Down sounds fabulous. (I also love when you go rogue and refuse to list all ten. High five, Rebel!)

    • Seems like most people read him at a young age. Which makes me feel a little silly for enjoying him now, but it’s just something about the way he writes… that story (parts of it anyway) should have had me bored to tears, and yet I couldn’t stop reading. Great for an escape.

    • It completely pulled me in, despite the shifting narrative (which is what a lot of his fans seemed to have an issue with). I can’t wait to try his others.

    • Yes, Child 44 was what first caught my attention, but then I didn’t read it, didn’t read it… and then it was a trilogy and here was this stand-alone and it just seemed like the better place to start. But I’m definitely going to go back and read the others now.

  3. If you want to read classic Sheldon, I’d say give The Other Side of Midnight a try! It’s probably terribly outdated by now, but I remember finding it so wonderfully illicit way back when (I read it when I was really too young for it…) . I enjoyed the first two Hosseini books, and still need to read this newest one. I really liked The Farm as well — talented writer!

    • Yeah, it seems like most people who read Sidney Sheldon read him way too young. I never went through a phase like that; I guess I lost interest in reading too early to be interested in all the adult books. And it seems like most people who liked Hosseini’s first two were disappointed in this one… it had a shifting narrative, so I guess it was harder to get invested in the characters. That wasn’t an issue for me, but then again I didn’t have The Kite Runner or A Thousand Splendid Suns to compare to.

    • It’s so funny, his books just never interested me, even when everyone was raving I just didn’t think they’d be my thing at all. Three cheers for lucky accidents, I guess!

  4. Funny, Sidney Sheldon is not a name I see frequently on book blogs these days, but there was a time when I used to devour his books like crazy. I loved how he wrote his women characters. There are some fantastic older books by him you can try.

    • It was a total fluke that I even ended up with this book. I’d actually never heard of him before, but I’m excited to read some of his other stuff.

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