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  1. I totally agree with your assessment of the two Gayle Foreman novels, which I just read in July. The second book focused too much on one person, who being in the other book we already knew something about, so it wasn’t totally new stuff.

    • Yeah, I think the sequel was just unnecessary. I’ve heard some people complain about the way the first book ended, but I thought it was fitting. It didn’t need anything more.

    • I’d highly recommend all three! Though I guess I’ll have more to say about A Discover of Witches once I finish the trilogy.

  2. We had a lot of books in common, it seems! I just read If I Stay and Where She Went as well, and really enjoyed them both. Just finished Landline last night (I liked it more than you did, I think), A J Fikry is one of my favorites of the year. Are you on Shadow of Night now? Looking forward to the Silkworm, although I missed my turn at the library already and am now back on the wait list.

    • I should be finishing up Shadow of Night today. I feel like it’s taking forever, partly because I didn’t like this book as much as the first one, and partly because I was busy all weekend. I’m really excited/anxious for The Book of Life though.

  3. I just finished A Discovery of Witches last week and am in the middle of Shadow of Night! I adore this trilogy and can’t wait to finally dive into The Book of Life.

    • I really liked it. I can’t say this was where I expected the series to go when I first started it, but I thought it was a good conclusion. I’m glad, because I wasn’t as big a fan of Shadow of Night and was worried the series would fizzle out on me.

  4. I really appreciate your comments about Landline because it’s the first somewhat negative one I’ve seen. I like to hear a range of perspectives on books, and it’s odd when a book only receives one type of review. So far, I’ve only read Attachments (which is my favorite Rowell) and Fangirl. I plan on reading Landline eventually.

    • Yeah, I definitely like to hear varied responses… because inevitably when everyone is in agreement about a book, I’ll be the one person who sees it differently. Somewhat amusingly, Eleanor and Park is one example. I just couldn’t connect with it at all, but I didn’t see any negative reviews until I went looking for them.

      • I haven’t read Eleanor & Park, though I’m not sure why I’m holding back. I can relate to what you’re saying about being the one person who has a different opinion on a book. That often happens to me, particularly when I’m reading a book from a genre I don’t often choose.

        Thanks again for your reviews!

    • A Discovery of Witches is so good. Unfortunately, after reading the whole trilogy, I think the first book is still my favorite. I did enjoy the conclusion (a relief after feeling lukewarm about book two), but it doesn’t quite compare to that initial magic.

  5. I love your mini reviews. A Discovery of Witches is a book that I am nervous to get in to. I’m not even quite sure why.
    Also, I love the variety of books you read. Admirable!

    • Thanks! I have books like that, where I think I’d like it but I’m just too intimidated, because of hype or length or expectations or whatever.

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