4 comments on “Bout of Books 11

  1. I like readathons but tend to spend more time tweeting than reading! And prepping the posts, drawing up goals etc can be a time suck so I’ve decided to just casually join in now without formally declaring it in the blog. Hope you enjoy your low key version :)

    • That’s why I like Bout of Books. With a whole week, I feel like I have time to read and connect with other participants… and still do other things too. Dewey’s was a little too frantic for me.

  2. I plan to participate in this one again too! I have some stuff going on that week, but nothing as crazy as you. I will look forward to touching base with you on social media!

    • Yeah, I’ll mostly be hanging out on Twitter when I can… just easier than trying to update on the blog every day. Honestly, I might stick to this strategy even when I’m not on hiatus. We’ll see.

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