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  1. I shamefully admit that I won’t even give a book a chance unless I’ve seen it has received at least mostly 4-5 star ratings on Goodreads, because I hate to be disappointed. I feel like, in my case, I have too many books waiting to be read and don’t have time to waste it on a book that is just mediocre. I rely a LOT on my GR friends and blogger friends to sway me one way or another on a book. And I do that so my TBR list doesn’t get stressfully too large. Because that just gives me anxiety and I end up taking books off my list several times a year.

    I make myself sound crazy. I probably am. But I also like to try new things as well. I’m reading a book right now, a romantic suspense, that is new and has very few ratings. I decided to give it chance just based on what I know from the synopsis and the very few early ratings out there. And I am loving it. I know I’m probably missing out on some really great books because of my issues. :)

    • But just because you’re only picking books that have high ratings doesn’t mean you’ll feel the same way about them. There are plenty of books I’ve read that are loved by many that I didn’t like… and vice versa. (One of my favorite books has an average rating of 2.76!) I’m a lot more discerning in what I pick up nowadays than I used to be… but I’m also more critical. It takes more to make me love a book.

      • I completely agree. I have read books that received really high ratings and ended up being a total bust for me. And I do feel like some reviewers give 5 stars to everything and I can’t really see how that is possible. Not every book is OMG AMAZING. Maybe I’m being a brat. I generally look at the average rating and read reviews from people I don’t even know and it helps me make a decision.

        If I could just figure out a way to not have to work and read all of the time, I’d be able to read anything I want and not have this problem. :)

  2. Agree! Like you compared it here, the notion applies to many things in life. Even though I’ve had bad friendships, I’m willing to try again to find that good friend. So it is with books!

    • Oh, yes, disappointment is inevitable in life. And while it sucks to think that also applies to things we do purely for fun… it still does.

  3. I’m the type of person who kind of gets stuck in a habitual rut in that I order the exact same thing when I visit certain restaurants and like to do certain activities and shy away from others. I honestly can’t recall the last time I felt exhilarated when opening a new type/genre of book… I usually feel apprehensive or nervous when I try a new type of read. But your post has encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone a little! Hopefully I’ll be able to report back with a new (exhilarating) experience soon! Great post :)

    • Thanks. It really is satisfying when you read something you didn’t think you’d like and you’re wrong. (Of course, if you’re not wrong, then you just read something you didn’t like… but that’s what DNFing is for.)

    • It’s one of those books for book-lovers. The story itself probably wouldn’t have appealed to me as much in a different setting.

  4. Very true. I read a huge volume, but not everything works for me… and that’s okay. If I really hate something, I won’t finish, but it’s okay to spend time on those 3-star books too. I love finding gems unexpectedly, and that usually happens for me when I give something a try without much foreknowledge. There are books I know I’ll love, but somehow it’s even more better when one sneaks up on me unexpectedly. I try a lot of different genres and authors; some work out, some don’t. I guess if I only read 10 books a year, I’d want to make sure they were all stellar. But being a high volume reader, I can take more chances… and I think occasional disappointments are just a part of the reading life!

    • Yes, it’s the unexpected ones that are the best! And it doesn’t always beat you over the head from the beginning… sometimes what you think is going to be a 3-star will evolve into a 4-star and sometimes even a 5-star along the way. I definitely have no problem DNFing books I’m not into… but I’m not going to DNF just because I don’t immediately love it.

  5. I love that you used an AJ Fikry quote here! I could definitely stand to try a few more books out of my comfort zone… And a few more beers that aren’t Miller Light (I love cheap beer, just, the other ubiquitous cheap beer :).) When I’m feeling optimistic, I like to think that chances are worth taking, but when I’m all grumpy gus I’d rather wallow in a reading rut!

    • My rudimentary taste buds do prefer Bud over Miller. Not sure why. Lucky for me, most places have both, so it’s not like a Pepsi/Coke thing.

  6. Awesome post. If we every book we read blew our mind and garnered a 5 star rating, our view of what a 5 star rating means would be diminished. Maybe that’s just me!

    • I’d be kind of curious, actually, to re-read all of my 5-star books in a row, just to see what the overload of amazingness did to my perception.

  7. I have suuuuuch a hard time figuring out what my own Bud Light is. I want there to be some genre of book that’s like that for me, where even when they are not the best, I still get a lot of enjoyment out of them! I’m in a bit of a reading slump right now so I am feeling particularly wistful for a Bud Light genre of my own.

    One of my favorite things about book bloggers is how they are always making you try things you didn’t think you wanted to try. On my own, I would open myself up to far fewer possible disappointments, but book bloggers always say, No no no, change your mind, try this one! And then I do, and often it’s stupendous.

    • While I do think it’s important to stretch outside our comfort zone now and then, it’s equally important (to me, anyway) to have that comfort zone in the first place. I hope someday you can find your Bud Light!

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