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  1. I don’t really pay attention to award-winning books, though it must be a great way to find out about new quality books! Although I don’t think any award is the end all/be all of quality books, so it’s perfectly fine if you aren’t a big fan of the ones that won the Thriller Awards.

    • I don’t pay attention to most awards, especially when it comes to the more literary ones. I do like keeping an eye out for the genre-specific ones though.

  2. The only familiar names to me would be the Demonologist and Heart-Shaped Box although I haven’t read either of them. Which I might check out Heart-Shaped Box since it got 4 stars from you! I don’t pay too much to award winning books, the hype can really bring a book down for me.

    • Amusingly, Heart-Shaped Box is one of the ones I read without realizing it had won a Thriller Award. So maybe it wasn’t subject to the same expectations (though I’d already read and enjoyed another book by Joe Hill, so it did come with other expectations). But that was also the case with Improbable and The Ghost – and, like I said, The Demonologist – and those didn’t fare as well. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Ooh that’s interesting! I don’t think I’ve ever actually paid attention to if books I have read have won awards, and how my ratings compare. That could be a fun exercise! It does seem a bit odd that overall it just seems your ratings never really match up to these awarded books. I mean, to only have one book that got four stars (and none with five) out of all of those?! And really, I don’t think you’re that harsh (or not any more critical than I am)! Huh!

    • Well, we all have our preferences. I still find it strange how many of these I didn’t like – or at least didn’t WOW me – but maybe it’s because I’ve read so widely in the genre that I’m not as easily wowed. (You’d think the same would be true for those voting, but… *shrug*) On the other hand, I might be more inclined to appreciate, say, fantasy or science fiction award-winners, since those are genres I like but haven’t read a ton of.

  4. I don’t really notice awards. Or strangely if I see a book has won an award it puts me off buying it, which is ridiculous because I’ve read lots of great books that have been given awards. I don’t know if it’s the hype or what, but I just avoid them. I guess it depends on the award. Super-prestigious awards are generally for adult fiction that I don’t read much of anyway, and usually only light-hearted stuff. Maybe if a book won an award for “best urban fantasy” or something I’d pick it up :)

    • I’m definitely more interested in genre awards than general or literary awards. I’m sure there are some fantasy awards out there that have categories for urban fantasy… I don’t know of any for sure, but it just seems like there’s awards for everything, I’d be surprised if there isn’t.

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