14 comments on “Bookish (and not so bookish) Thoughts – #28

  1. Oo, I love To the Best Of! I had never seen it before, but I tried it for a few bands (some I know, some I don’t know) and it seems like a great thing! Thanks for sharing it. :)

    • I’m totally hooked on it. It’s great to discover new music, or just as a quick and easy playlist for your favorites.

  2. That’s a lot of weddings in a short period of time! And thanks for the heads up on The Best Of. I just entered in a couple of bands with LARGE music logs and you’re right that a ton of great stuff falls through the cracks. Maybe good for newer bands that don’t have quite the history. Still fun to play with!

    • Yup, and we’re both standing up in the third of the three. So yeah, very busy summer. As for the music site, you can bump it up to a Top 20, but even that barely scratches the surface of some bands that have been around for ever.

    • It was last weekend… but we’ve got another three weeks after that… and then another three weeks after that. *frazzled*

  3. Thanks again for taking over my blog for the day while I was in the midst of moving. Of course, I am just now getting caught up on all my blog reading … as you get a large number of comments from me. Sorry about that!

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