6 comments on “My Imaginary Trip to ThrillerFest

  1. I feel the same way about BEA. I’m hoping to go when it’s in Chicago in 2016 because I wouldn’t have to fly there, but we shall see. Expensive and impractical, but oodles of fun, probably!

    • I will definitely consider going when it comes to Chicago. I’m there all the time anyway, I can stay with my parents and take the train in, so the registration would really be the only big expense. Maybe just a one-day pass, though. To save money and also my sanity.

  2. I hope you do make it some day to ThrillerFest! It’s nice to splurge sometimes – even when you get horrified by the credit card bill later! :) Some of these panels sounds really interesting, and probably they would help you kick off some interesting discussion posts on your blog. (I always try to think of blog post material when I go to events! :D)

    ALA is an event I think I would like to go to if I could – it’s usually pretty close to where I live, but admission is way more expensive than BEA which makes me feel like I’m wasting my money. I might as well just save up and go to BEA instead. But maybe one day I will decide to go to both!

    • Last year I meant to do discussion posts inspired by some of the panels, but I was having computer problems so my blogging was pretty bare bones at the time… no time for anything fun. And this year I had enough else going on this week, but it’s definitely something I might return to later.

  3. The topics you picked are some fun ones! ‘How evil is too evil’?? I never would have thought of that. Like Charlene mentioned, it would provide some great discussion posts, but even without going perhaps they can spark a few thoughts in you :)

    • Yeah, that one was one of my favorites. I’ve definitely thought about using some of these for discussion topics. Maybe in the weeks and months ahead.

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