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  1. Slider is such a cute cat name! I think the microchip-sensing “feeding box” is such a smart idea! Technology is really something. I’m a big fan of the plug-in that automatically tweets old posts too – and I agree that it’s nicer to know that it’s old content. I hope you feel better soon!

    • He was a stray that a friend of ours found in a White Castle parking lot, hence the name. (I don’t think you have those in Canada… their burgers are called “sliders.”)

      • No, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a White Castle before. What a meaningful name! I love it. That’s so great that you could take him in.

  2. I always felt the same way about the Tweet Old Posts plugin before I switched to WordPress, too, so I really tried to make it clear when I started using it. It actually has a feature that will let you eliminate certain tags from the cycle (like giveaways, which I’ve chosen not to include in mine), so I’m always surprised to see certain memes or old giveaways still pop up in other feeds.

    • I manually schedule old posts sometimes, but the plug-in would be much more convenient. Oh well, if I ever go self-hosted…

  3. I’ve not got around to setting up the Tweet Old Posts thing yet, but I’ll be making use of the category selections and eliminating expired posts such as giveaways.

    The feeding box is cool. I never would have thought to do something like that.

    • That was all my husband. He found this door advertised online. It’s mostly meant as a pet door to go outside (so your chipped pets can come and go but wildlife can’t), but he just made a simple box to put it on instead. One of the first things we tried was feeding him in his cat carrier, which he caught on to fairly quickly… but our other cat’s fear of the carrier was quickly overcome by his desire to eat the food inside. So this is just a more high-tech version.

    • Yeah, unfortunately it’s taking him longer than we’d like to catch on. He’s not the brightest cat… or he’s just old and set in his ways. Either way. But he’ll get it eventually.

  4. Lord, I need a feeding box like that here; one glutton+one normal=one obese & one skinny. Absolutely ingenious solution!

    I’m not on twitter at all, but I wish I understood Tumblr better ‘cuz I like it a lot, which horrifies my kids. I turned 52 last month, and I think my techno-understanding started dropping off in my mid-forties. But maybe that’s just me…

    • I don’t know what it is about Tumblr. It’s just so not straightforward at all! Someone will link to a conversation, and it just looks like a mess to me… between comments and reblogs and whatever else, I can never seem to find the original post everyone’s talking about! I have a similar problem with Pinterest. I guess if I actually used those sites I’d understand how they work, but neither has ever appealed to me.

  5. If you ever figure out Tumblr, let me know … I’m so lost. Kind of like with Snapchat, I’m too old for that noise (I’m 29 next week, in case you’re curious). I’m old school and still like Facebook, even though the younger kids have seemed to left it to us older folk for Snapchat and Instagram (which I do have and enjoy).

    Haha. That makes me sound like I’m an old lady :)

    But Pinterest … I’m in love. Although I just pin and do nothing with those pins, lol.

    • I joined FB back when it was organized by college, so it’s hard for me to consider myself part of the “older folk” (even if I did just turn 31) when it’s my age range that are the original FB users. But I finally deleted my account this year, because no one actually uses it to keep in touch anymore. Even after hardcore curating my friends list, I realized I still didn’t care about 95% of what I was seeing. It’s just all randomness (which isn’t necessarily bad, but not what I’m there to see) with only the occasional real life update. I do find it amusing that I love Twitter, when that’s mostly randomness as well… I guess the difference is, that’s what I’ve always expected from it.

  6. Tumblr. Ugh. Not only do I not understand how to use it, I hate it. I was kind of hoping that social media platform would disappear.
    I finally got Twitter this year so now I feel like I am hip and with it! :)

    • Ha! I was late to the Twitter bandwagon myself. I got on it three years ago, but it took me a while to really “get it.”

    • Yeah, it was weird… sort of a persistent headache and nausea and achiness, but none of it really bad enough to be considered “sick,” just enough to make me feel like not doing anything. But I’m feeling much better this week.

  7. I’m feeling a bit of a slump coming on too, but I think maybe I just need a vacation (actual and from the internet!) I also hate not being able to figure out computer stuff — it doesn’t happen too often, but when set-ups are not logical or intuitive, it annoys the heck out of me because I know it *shouldn’t* be that hard to figure out for any of us who use a thousand other kinds of technology.

    • Right? I just feel like, having grown up with technology, I’m expected to always know how to do it all… and that’s just not the case, especially when things start going wrong!

  8. Oh that’s interesting with the cats! Animals can be amazing, but sometimes they require so much extra work. I’m glad you guys figured out a solution. Just hope your cat figures it out! :P

    I agree with the tweeting of old posts. We have a plug-in set up for our main blog account that tweets out old posts once a day (we don’t want it to be too annoying so we keep it limited) and we always include a hashtag that says #OhtheArchves to help readers know that it’s an old post. It can be quite frustrating when people don’t, because then you’ll read it and want to comment and then realize it’s two years old and half the time people don’t even respond to comments that old or the post isn’t relevant and just yeah. I do think it’s better to indicate that a post is older, if it’s more than a week or two old.

    And Tumblr. Oh, I get you. I only understand it on the most basic of levels. I somehow managed to make a layout that I was okay with, though that required a bit of work and Googling. And then once that was done I just wasn’t sure what to do with it next! I pretty much just reblog pretty photos of books, which can be quite lame. When I think about it I include links to my blog posts but usually I can’t be bothered. It’s just not as intuitive for me and I don’t fully comprehend it’s purpose.

    My week’s randomness? I will say the biggest thing going on this week for me is spiders. I hate spiders. I feel like the older I get the more freaked out I am by them, and I have no idea why. And ever since I’ve moved into my boyfriend’s house I am just finding them everywhere. They’ll make their webs on the staircase, in the shower, on the clothing lines. I’ll go to hang a piece of laundry that I just pulled out of the washer and already there will be a spider on there and I’ll have to drop it and calm my heart down. I just can’t handle it. I guess I’ve been pampered back home because my dad sort of had this fear of spiders so he would actually go through the house each week and get rid of any he could find, so I just never really saw them that much. Here though everyone’s so used to them and “Oh, they’re not poisonous so they can’t hurt you.” and I’m just like no. No spiders. No. >.<

    • Ooh, spiders are no good! I’m not nearly as skittish about them as I used to be… really it depends on the spider, though. We’ve had some pretty big ones here, and once we even had an egg sack hatch and there were tiny ones EVERYWHERE… and one very big mama. That was an experience I’d rather not repeat!

  9. There isn’t really much to understand about Tumblr! It’s actually really easy. If you have any specific problems with it, I can try to help. For the most part it’s just pictures, gifs, and text posts that people reblog with commentary, but most people use the tags for commentary.

    I hope you feel less off soon!

    That cat box sounds awesome! My cats are inside and are pretty good at handling food (for the most part) so I don’t need one but I wish I did, because it sounds neat.

    • My biggest issue is all the commentary. If someone links to a conversation on Tumblr, I can never seem to figure out what the original post was! I’m sure if I were on Tumblr myself, I’d figure it out.

      • If it’s just text and people replying, the name/url closest to the main body of text is the original post. Most of the times you can find the source or original post at the bottom/top/side depending on the theme, but if one blog doesn’t have it you can click on another and try it. I tried to find a post to use as an example but of course I couldn’t! Hope it was at least a little helpful! And yeah, you would figure it out easily! Just hopping onto new sites is always confusing at first.

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