6 comments on “ITW Must-Reads: Masquerade

  1. Interesting. It’s so good to see well-written female characters. I’m lazy, so I’ll ask you, when was this published? I didn’t realize (or maybe I just didn’t think about) that there is a lack of female thriller authors.

    • This came out in ’96. There seem to be a lot more women now who are publishing thrillers, but men are still the names you hear more often.

  2. I’ve read so few of the classics in the genre. I keep meaning to, but other books jump in the way first.

    • I really like having a set list to go off, and I’ve liked a lot of the older books more than I was expecting to… Rebecca, Strangers on a Train, and Eye of the Needle, just to name a few. Thanks for reading!

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