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    • I think I handled it pretty well this time around. Last year I put way too much pressure on myself. This time, if I didn’t have much to say on a topic, I just left it as a shorter post, no big deal. But I still spent a lot of time blog hopping, and I think that’s what did me in.

  1. I was wondering if you decided to take a break. I am sorry it didn’t help much, but I think these things come and go. That is so neat you are learning Italian. I have always wanted to learn a second language, but my English gets in the way. =)

    • It’s not that it didn’t help, it’s just hard to know how I’ll feel once I get back into my normal routine. I’ve really enjoyed the time off, so I’m not sure if I’ll come back next week rejuvenated, or if I’ll just want more time off. I’ve started reading and commenting on other blogs again today, without that “ugh, I have nothing to say” feeling, so that’s definitely a good sign.

  2. Boo weather alerts annoying you on your phone! I actually don’t have that set up on mine. I think it would be helpful but I don’t know. I guess if I’m really bothered I just go online to check the weather? >.> Huh. (I don’t really watch TV or listen to the radio either, so I definitely don’t get my weather updates that way.) But hey, if it becomes annoying like that, then I’m glad I don’t have it. That’d probably drive me crazy too!

    That is a different view on the reading in school thing. I’ve always thought about how I dislike english classes in school because they seem to kill love in reading, but I never thought about how it seems to be separated from other arts. I guess because they hope it’ll help people become literate? But does it really? I just know anytime I’m in classes that require me to read, it just sort of sucks my life dry and even my pleasure reading in my free time suffers. I wonder if that will ever change, or if even fifty years from now kids will go to school and fall out of love with reading. Boo.

    It is sad news about Exhibit A (and Strange Chemistry) being discontinued, especially because it’s an immediate thing so even those authors who had upcoming publications seem to be getting cut off. I always feel a little bad though because so many people keep saying “Aw, I love their books” but I don’t even know if I KNOW what their books are. I guess I’m not observant enough when it comes to imprints. Whoops >.>

    Any randomness in my week? I don’t think anything more than I shared on my weekly recap! It’s all been about dissertation dissertation dissertation. I’m doing it on blog tours, which is fun, so it’s been a lot of reading up on any posts about blog tours and blog reviews and anything that can somehow relate to the subject. I also worked on my survey for my research so hopefully I can get that posted and rotating through the blogosphere soon. :)

    I hope you get out of your funk! <3

    • Yeah, there’s such a high focus on literacy that it feels like sacrilege to suggest that we should be taking away rather than adding to that part of the curriculum… but really, what makes Charles Dickens and Jane Austen more important than Beethoven or Monet? Yeah, they’re more relevant to general cultural knowledge, but only because of the way the system is set up in the first place.

      And good luck with your dissertation! I’m actually participating in my first blog tour next month!

  3. My husband and I have recently started using duolingo for Spanish! I’m with you, I’m not sure it helps because I learned a lot of Spanish at one point but my husband loves it. I keep testing out of levels and I think that’s actually hindering me rather than helping. I’ve started reviewing everything even if I know it and that’s actually helping. I think. Buona fortuna! (Maybe that’s right?!?!)

    • Yeah, I thought about testing out of the early lessons, but I figured going through it again would be good for me. The plus side is I’m progressing pretty quickly, and when the occasional new word does come up, it’s easier for me to work it into my vocabulary. I won’t be able to keep this pace up forever, but it’s nice while it lasts.

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