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    • I do have a vague memory of having a bad Friday the 13th at some point in high school… not what happened, just the fact that it happened. Of course, high school was filled with bad days, so it’s really not surprising at least one of them would fall on a Friday the 13th.

    • I’m really torn. It’s only a few months old, so I think I might give it a while just to make sure the site “sticks” (and doesn’t get sued by Amazon or anything), but it’s so tempting.

  1. Ha, I want to get married on Friday the 13th, too! Or do something memorable on that date. I don’t know why, but I’ve always had a strange fascination for the number thirteen, probably because everyone thinks it’s unlucky and I don’t. Wearing glasses means I can’t watch movies in 3D. Well, actually I can, but it’s uncomfortable like you wouldn’t believe and most of the time the 3D effect doesn’t really show. So I’d end up spending more money than necessary to half-watch the movie while adjusting the 3D glasses so that it feels comfortable. Definitely not my idea of a good time. :/

    Hmm, I’ll be sure to check out Leafmarks! So far Goodreads has been serving me quite well because apart from publishing book reviews there and updating statuses, I don’t participate much in anything else (the forums bore me, and I only hear about any fights days after they happen). So looking for a new book cataloging website isn’t that high on my to-do list, but still, thanks for telling me about Leafmarks!

    • The upside of getting married on Friday the 13th is you don’t have to book quite as far in advance. Fridays and Sundays tend to be less popular anyway… Friday the 13th even less so.

  2. Right there with ya on the 3D movies. At worst case they’re distracting if they’re not done well. Best case is I don’t notice it…so why did I just pay more for it?

  3. Happy kind-of anniversary! Lol.

    I SO agree on 3D movies. It’s not worth it, especially since I already wear glasses so I have to wear the 3D ones over those… it’s a pain in the ass. When they make movies 3D that don’t require anything special to wear, then I’ll be impressed.

    • Yeah, that would be nice. I mainly wear contacts, so it’s not the wearing of glasses that’s an issue. But, unless I’m sitting in the absolute last row (and sometimes even then) I feel like I have to sit absolutely still to keep the entire screen within the frame of the glasses. If they made some sort of wrap-around lenses so I didn’t have those edges of my vision breaking me out of the experience… or, like you said, introduce all-in-one technology that doesn’t even need glasses… it would be a lot better. (Still not really worth it, in my opinion… but better.)

  4. Leafmarks looks interesting, but I would hate to have to move over all my books and shelves and reviews and things… maybe if more people start using it, but I definitely don’t have the time to move everything and I would really hate to start from scratch :/

    • When I imported my books from Goodreads to LibraryThing and BookLikes, the import took care of all my shelves and reviews. I would imagine Leafmarks would be the same (especially since it was started by former GR programmers… or that’s what I’ve heard, anyway).

  5. I agree with ALL THE PEOPLE on 3D movies – and if a movie is MARKETED as SPECIFICALLY 3D… just forget about it. :) I think that it’s a product of this era of moviemaking that’s more about the effects than the story or the characters. (See: Godzilla and Malifecent)

    • Yeah, just seeing a movie on the big screen, instead of my TV at home, is enough of a visual experience for me. Anything more just takes me out of the story instead of immersing me.

    • Well, they aren’t owned by Amazon like Goodreads is. They might have literal links to them and other retailers like GR does (since I’m not on the site I can’t be sure) but the two aren’t associated. Thanks for stopping by!

  6. I’m with you on 3D movies not being worth the extra money! I don’t think they’re worth it, but I feel the same way about IMAX and everyone seems to love that too. Just seeing a movie on the big screen is enough for me, so enough with all the extras please! Boy I sound like an old grump! lol

    • I’ve only been to an IMAX movie once, and it wasn’t even a typical movie, it was some educational thing on a field trip. It was actually pretty cool, but I don’t imagine I’d like it for regular movies either.

    • I didn’t think this one was as good, and there were a couple things that I felt like they were trying too hard to copy what worked in the first movie and it didn’t quite work here. But overall it was very good.

  7. Boo for How to Train Your Dragon not being as good as the first. I’ll probably wait to for the DVD. Ugh I know what you mean about 3D. It’s way more trouble than it’s worth.

    • I’ve seen people on Twitter saying they liked it even more than the first movie, but personally I thought it fell a little short. That’s a high bar, though.

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