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  1. ‘I’d rather read than socialize.’ <—- YES!! I agree. And I despise cliffhangers with a passion. And most love triangles, too.

    • I don’t hate all cliffhangers, but so often they just aren’t done well. It is possible to have a satisfying ending AND a cliffhanger, and yes I know “satisfying” is subjective, but a lot of times it feels like authors just… stop writing. (It especially drives me crazy with debuts. Feels like they’re emotionally blackmailing the publisher as well as the readers.)

  2. Yay! I’m glad you did it. :D I completely hate love triangles as well! They were cool when I was 12 but I’m so over them now! And don’t worry, I’d totally rather read than socialise as well. ;)

    • There are a few books I have in both physical and ebook form. I don’t really buy ebooks, but when it’s a favorite author and they’re crazy on sale… yeah, hard to pass up.

  3. Whose book recommendations do you completely trust? That if they say “Hey Charleen, you will like this book, please read it,” you’ll be absolutely sure to read that book?

    (I am always interested to know the answer to this.)

    • Wow, that is really tough. I don’t know that there’s anyone I trust that completely… well, not for lack of trust, but it’s just that sometimes even I can’t figure out why I like one book and not another. That and personal recommendations just don’t seem to come up that often… which means that on the rare occasion that they do, I’m probably going to take it seriously. But those “everyone needs to read this book” recommendations – or even “everyone who loves such-and-such needs to read this book” – are the ones I take with a grain of salt.

      (Sorry, I know I kinda wormed out of that… I never was any good at Truth or Dare.)

  4. Yes on the total silence! I am so easily distracted and hate noise when I am reading. No judgement here on your bookish confession, but I must say it’s not something that’s ever crossed my mind before…

    • I am really finicky about my books. I won’t buy used, and I try to keep them in as good a condition as possible. It’s not that I put books as physical objects up on a pedestal; I’m not one of those people who cringe at bookish crafts. It’s just MY books that I’m weird about. I know, it seems silly to have them if I’m almost afraid to read them… but if I can spare them one re-read, that just means it’s in better condition for my next re-read.

  5. Lol, no idea why this is called the Book Blogger “Test,” too, but oh well, pretty we both passed with flying colors. ;) Great to get to know you more, Charleen! Surprisingly, cliffhangers don’t really bother me much — sure, they’re annoying especially when the sequel isn’t out yet, but I guess I haven’t come across one that counts as “lazy” yet. Though I always think that good books don’t need cliffies to keep their readers hooked — HP is a fantastic example of that. And LOL, that’s a strange book habit. I can understand why you’d do it, but wouldn’t it be easier and more convenient to just reach to your shelf and take the book out? xP Then again, there aren’t any good libraries where I live, so I suppose I don’t know the joys of actually going to a library and checking a good book out.

    “Vessels for magic” — what a great way to describe books. <3 I love seeing all the ways people describe the best invention ever.

    • I am super spoiled by my library, and I have to remind myself that not everyone has access to a good library. I’m there about once a week anyway, so it’s not a big deal to see if they have the book I’m looking for.

  6. “Vessels for magic.” YES!! Love this description!!

    I actually have a picnic that we are supposed to go to tonight. I would much rather be home reading my book. Same with the barbecue tomorrow night too. I may be considering faking sick to get out of at least one of these. ;)

    • Ooh, yeah, I don’t do back-to-back social functions. Well, sometimes when we’re out of town for a weekend it can’t be helped, trying to fit in time to see everyone while we’re there. But as a general rule, one… MAYBE two in a week… and definitely not on consecutive days. Drives my husband crazy sometimes, but it’s definitely less trouble than the alternative (for all parties involved).

  7. Such great answers. I especially love you saying there isn’t any book you would recommend to everyone, because there isn’t any such book everyone would love. That’s so true, people are different, we like different things, that’s what makes it fun. And yes, books are vessels for magic.

    • I guess there are probably books that everyone “should” read, from a learning standpoint rather than an entertainment one. For example, I think everyone should read Allie Brosh’s blog posts on depression, because if you don’t relate to them yourself, you probably know someone who does, and reading these can help you to relate to them. But as for books… I wouldn’t know what those books are.

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