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  1. I feel the same way about the library being “me” time. Most of the time I find bookstores to be me time as well… I’d feel bad making someone wait while I browse the shelves! It’s so nice and quiet and you can really just be in your own world while you’re there. Great survey!

    • I feel the same way about shopping in general, it’s something I’d rather just do on my own time at my own pace. But yeah… if my husband does come with because we both have something to pick up, that usually doesn’t count as my once a week visit, and I’ll make a point of getting away some other time.

  2. I also check my online library account a little too often — though I’m glad I did today because I realized I had entered the wrong resume date when I suspended my holds while away for the week of Memorial Day. I wouldn’t want the goodies to come in when I’m not around to pick them up, but if I hadn’t been randomly checking my account, they would have stayed suspended until July!

    I also find it interesting to hear that your Library has a hold shelf accessible to patrons — at my library, all holds have to be picked up at the desk.

    I am way challenged-out for the year, but this is making me want to check and see if my library does have a summer reading program — that would be so much fun! I think it’s only for kids and teens though :/

    • I thought it was strange too at first. This was the first library I’d been to that has it that way. Not that library patrons are the most untrustworthy of people, but still, I would have expected it to cause issues, especially in the case of new releases. But after more than three years here, I’ve never had one of my books missing. So I guess it works.

  3. Love reading about library love! I really loved the libraries in my last two towns, but for some reason I haven’t even visited the library in my new home and we’ve been here a little over a year. Not sure why, but I need to get over there! Thanks for sharing your library!

  4. I didn’t even know about this challenge until now! You’re library seems amazing. It sucks that it’s so far from you though. Mine is about 15 minutes away from me which is 1km or 0.6miles according to Google. It’s been awhile since I’ve stopped by though. :( The first shelves I go to are the hold shelves as well! High five! And then I make my way over to the YA section. :3

    • Well, it’s only ten minutes by car… sometimes fifteen if it’s heavy traffic or I catch the lights wrong. It would be a nice perk if it were in walking distance (well, a more reasonable walking distance) but I still get over there all the time.

  5. I love my library too! They always do a really good job especially with getting new releases in quickly and knowing that they are going to need multiple copies of a book! Like when Catching Fire’s movie came, they bought more copies of the book. And I agree with 7, it always feels awkward to have them do something I could do!

    • What I feel bad about is when I do have to go to the desk for whatever reason, and there’s a huge line… but the self-checkout is sitting there unused. I feel bad for them and annoyed for myself. Luckily that doesn’t happen too often. Thanks for stopping by!

  6. I wish we had a self-checkout at my library. Normally I like checking out with the librarians, but there are one or two librarians I just never want to talk to again. Because they are MEAN. And JUDGEY. It would be great to able to skip checking out with those people when necessary.

    You can only renew once? That would make me sad. I don’t need more than six weeks to read any one book, but I sometimes need more than six weeks to read a whole big bag of books. I think we get three renewals, unless somebody has a hold on that book.

    • The check-out period for books is three weeks, and yes, we can only renew once. It is rather annoying, especially when I can see that there aren’t any other holds on it… why shouldn’t I be able to keep it for longer? I don’t remember the other public libraries I’ve used in the past, but at my university library, it was a four week checkout and we could renew three times. So as long as there were no holds on it, you could keep a book out for an entire semester. It was glorious.

  7. I do my library’s challenge every year. I’m finished already, but the rewards aren’t in yet. And I think I can do a new entry for each four books I read. I love libraries, but I hate my branch.

    • That’s sad. I’ve had some libraries I liked more than others over the last several years, but none I actually hated.

  8. I love all of your answers and hope you’ll participate in more of our weekly fun activities. :) I wish I sat and read more at the library, maybe one of the benefits of going alone? I can’t imagine only being to renew one time. Our library lets us renew up to 3 times, even movies. Unless there’s a hold on the item, of course.

    • Yeah, the one-time renewal can be restricting. I’ve gotten used to it and adjusted my check-out habits accordingly, but it still trips me up sometimes.

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