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    • If it was meant as a series from the start, I would have preferred a continuation to the story rather than a prequel novella… though it sounds like we’ll get one eventually. Thanks for stopping by!

  1. My favorite of the month was The Collection by Nora Roberts, but my 2 runner ups for books I received for my review ~ I know Lucy by Melissa Pearl and The Prediction by Darren Sugrue.

  2. I remember enjoying the film version of Invasion of the Body Snatchers – I should read the story sometime, it would be interesting to see how it twists the familiar as you say. And I really wanted to read NOS4A2 by Joe Hill, but it started off already disturbing to me, so I couldn’t push myself to read more. I’ll probably feel the same for Heart-Shaped Box even though it sounds so interesting! I hope one day I will feel in the mood to read his books though.

    • I’ve never seen any adaptations of Invasion of the Body Snatchers. From what I’ve read, though, it sounds like the older movies were quite different from the book.

    • NOS4A2 is next on my list of Joe Hill. And even though I’m not big into comics and graphic novels, I’m very curious about Locke & Key.

  3. Eric is listening to The Target right now and he’s really enjoying it. He’s a big Will Robie (sp?) fan.

    • I liked it better than the last one, but I still think the first in the series is the best. Glad he’s enjoying it!

  4. I loved Canticle for Leibowitz, but I think I agree with you that the first section is the best one. The ideas in the second and third parts remained fascinating to me; I just liked the writing best in the first bit.

    • Yeah, it was one of those books where I can’t really pinpoint why I didn’t like it more. The idea of it was really interesting, but after that first jump it just didn’t grab me in the same way.

  5. I’ve had Heart-Shaped Box on my shelf for such a long time and still have not read it (along with two of his other books)! What is wrong with me?!? I gotta get to these this year!!

    • NOS4A2 is the last of his novels I have to read. After that I want to check out Locke & Key. (Yes, me, reading comics! How crazy is that?!)

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