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  1. I spent as much time as I could on ABEA this year, but it was a busy week at work! I loved reading everyone’s posts on the different topics, and will probably spend more time later this weekend going back for more! Next year I MIGHT sign up to be a cheerleader, but I’m planning to go to NYC next year, too.

    • Ooh, it would be really tough to do both, I think! But I hope you get to go! I’m toying with the idea of attending when it comes to Chicago. (I’m in Iowa now, but Chicago is much more accessible than New York. Plus I could stay with my parents in the suburbs and take the train in rather than stay in an expensive city hotel.)

      • I’ve only gone one other time (in 2012). I have in-laws living outside of Chicago, now that you mention it…;)

  2. Somehow, I felt like I didn’t have enough time this week to fully immerse myself in ACBEA :(( I missed two days of posting (one of which I really didn’t have much to say on the topic..). I need to go back and read through a lot more of the linky posts

    • I felt like I didn’t have a lot to say on some of the topics, but I ended up enjoying them anyway… usually once I started writing I realized I had more to say than I thought (but I still kept them short for the most part). The only one I skipped was the MG/YA topic, because I just don’t read those books… or even when I do, I’m not as passionate about them as most book bloggers.

    • I might have done better – or felt like I’d done better – if I’d had some kind of plan or schedule for when I would read blogs, when I’d work on my own, when I’d hop on Twitter… as it was, the whole week was just rather random and I felt so scattered, like I wasn’t really making a dent.

  3. Nope. Haven’t skipped your posts, you’re on my Bloglovin’ feed. :) I joined in all the discussions. I’m not a Twitter or Instagram person so I didn’t join in on those.

    • Well, I figure there are probably people following my blog that didn’t care about Armchair BEA, or got sick of it by the end of the week. I normally post just a few times a week, so this was a LOT more than I usually put out!

  4. I’m one of those who just watched from the sidelines but I still had heaps of fun commenting on these posts. I loved seeing how different everyone’s were!

    • Sometimes it can feel like we’re all saying different versions of the same thing, but then someone will put a spin on a topic that I didn’t even think of. But I think my favorite was the free topic day.

  5. I’ve had so much fun visiting all the blogs on Armchair BEA. This is my first year and I’ve had such a good time that I plan to come back next time. I’ve added a ton of books to my TBR list as well as added a lot of book friends on twitter, goodreads, and bloglovin. Thank you so much for participating and making it a great first year for me.

    • I’m glad you had such a good time! My first was last year and I knew immediately it was something I’d be coming back to. Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Me, too! I spent a lot of time commenting and reading and it is like I’ve just scratched the surface. Crazy! So much fun, though.

    • Right? There’s just SO many. But… the posts will be there later. I’ll probably spend more time browsing this next week when it’s not so crazy.

    • I’m kind of obsessive about stuff like that; if I’m going to participate, I want to PARTICIPATE. It’s probably why I put off trying Dewey’s Read-a-Thon for so long; I felt like if I wasn’t going to read for 24 hours, it wasn’t worth doing. I just have to force myself out of that mindset sometimes.

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