18 comments on “Bookish (and not so bookish) Thoughts – #23

  1. The no reading at all during an event like ABEA is pretty much why I don’t think those kinds of events are a good fit for me — but I hope you’re still having fun with it :)

    And Texas is far! I would be sad if my brother moved that far away — three hours away is plenty far enough and I was the one who moved.

    • It is fun. And (with the help of Bout of Books) I still read 11 books this month… so I think I can afford to take a week off!

    • Do you miss it? Or did you not even notice? (I think it was Wednesday before I really realized it…) Thanks for stopping by!

    • It is. They’re not moving until next year, probably, so I have time to get used to the idea. I was just a bit blindsided by the news!

  2. I’ve had particularly horrid week and haven’t had any time to read for several days. I miss it and it bums me out when I don’t get reading time. Hoping to remedy it this weekend. Sorry about your brother moving. My bro is in the Air Force and lives out of state, and is overseas now. I hate that I don’t get to see him – and he didn’t even get to come home this last Christmas. It has been a long time and it sucks.

    • Ooh, that’s hard. At least when my brother moves, I should be able to see him and his family a couple times a year.

  3. I totally agree on the CAPTCHA thing. I just wish it would be gone in general – so if you can put up with it for a week, it must not be that bad.

    Hope your internet meet up goes well! I did a bunch of that this week, too, and it’s not nearly as awkward as it seems it will be :)

    • The commenting system is probably the biggest reason I prefer WordPress to Blogger. I know people say that WP isn’t worth it if you’re just using the free version because it has so many limitations… but Blogger’s comment system just sucks.

  4. I met someone from Twitter last year and then two more Twitter pals this year. Must say, it felt weird telling people I was meeting people I’d ‘met’ online but the actual meetings were tops! Really fun.

    • I’m just so much more comfortable interacting online than I am in real life, so it’s scary to meet someone who knows me as being more sure of myself and less awkward than I am in person.

  5. I hate spoilers as well but I like talking about spoilers in my reviews lol. I try not to but sometimes I can’t help my self! That is so cool you are meeting someone from online! I’d love to but at the same time I’d be super nervous. =D

  6. How did meeting the internet person go? How did you guys meet on the net and in real life?

    I totally agree with you about captcha. I freaking hate it and I rather know upfront. You know it makes me sad that some people don’t find an alternative there are SOO many alternatives. I hate to say that I think it’s lazy but isn’t it in a way? sigh.

    I didn’t get to read last week either because of BEA

    • I get that, for the blogger, turning captcha on is less work than moderation… so even though it’s inconvenient for readers and inevitably ends up with less interaction, if that’s really the way you want to do it, I get it. I have a Blogger blog (though it’s pretty much inactive at this point) and yeah, spam’s much more intrusive there than it is here. I’ve gotten to the point where I type a quick “…” into the comment box and hit preview, and if they do have captcha turned on, it’ll show up there. That way I don’t waste the time writing a lengthy comment.

      (As for my meeting: Adventures in the City of Literature)

  7. LOL!!!! I had such a nice time meeting you!! No awkwardness at all!! ;)

    I got very little reading done last weekend and I have a feeling I will get very little reading done the rest of the month with getting ready to move. Thank goodness I am a bit ahead of my reading goal at the moment, cause it’s going to take a hit!!

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