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  1. Translated works are something I want to explore more, too. I do watch a fair number of foreign language movies and I have noticed that the translation of songs is hard. Either they try to make it rhyme like the original and the meaning seems off, or they don’t and all the poetry of the piece flies out the window.

    Thanks for linking up to my diversity post today — I’m honored!

    • Yeah, there’s just so much to think about in translating songs. You’re trying so hard to balance an accurate translation with keeping to the original meter and rhyming pattern… and it takes so much work to do that, that you’re not even thinking about what it’s going to sound like. Like, instead of a nice “aah” vowel sound on a high note, you end up with a screeching “eee” sound instead. Good composers pay attention to stuff like that and write lines that will work with the voice. In translations, though, it can be one of the first things to get sacrificed.

  2. I’ve read several translated works and each time I finish I tell myself I should really read even more. The Stieg Larsson trilogy is a great place to start. . .he was such a dramatic & intriguing storyteller.

  3. I don’t think I’ve ever read anything that’s been translated. I get what you mean about songs and how it’s probably better to sing them in the original language. With books, it’s different but then again. the translations are done pretty good nowadays! And they don’t require the maintaining of rhythm. :D I want to read the Steig Larsson series as well. I’ve also heard great things about The Alchemist so that’s something I want to look into. Good luck with finding more!

    • Yeah, i can’t remember when it hit me that novels don’t have the same limitations as songs so the translations are probably going to be better. Not to say there aren’t also good and bad novel translations; I’m sure there are. But on the whole they should be able to stay true to both the story and the writing style.

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