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  1. It’s overwhelming to me sometimes the number of book blogs there are. And realistically being able to keep up with and comment and interact with them all is just not going to happen. So I understand what you’re saying. I love participating in events like this where I can go around and comment and say hi.

    Holly @ Words Fueled by Love

    • Blogger events definitely help to keep things fresh for me. It’s an excuse to look up from my own little corner of the blogosphere and see what other people are doing. I try to do that anyway, but it’s nice to have these reminders so I don’t fall into a rut. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. LOL, oh if only it were that easy! If you want to pioneer the internet’s first book blogger pal matchmaking program, I would totally sign up! :)

    • I just know I have more potential blogging BFFs out there… but with so many blogs, what if we never find each other?

  3. I actively try to grow the number and types of blogs I read but I also identify with how hard it can be to connect sometimes. I’ve been adding some new-to-me blogs to a test run “Armchair BEA” folder in feedly this week to see if they “stick.”

    • I do the same thing. Not just this week, but I’m always adding new blogs and deleting ones that have been around for a while without clicking. It’s a process. Of course, things like Armchair BEA just give me a bigger pool to draw from.

  4. I was having trouble finding blogs to follow with similar interests as me – and then I participated in Dewey and Bout of Books and was connected to several new blogs I love. The different opportunities like the readathons and BEA are great ways to connect with others. I agree it’s not easy – sometimes Bloglovin gives me a ‘if you like this blog – try this’ email and I will look at those.

    • Meeting people is the greatest part of events like this… and I’ve found that even if I can’t connect to the material on their blog, I might love chatting with them on Twitter.

  5. I find lots I’d love to follow but keeping up with them all is where I fall down. Weekly round up links help too as I find lots of interesting blogs that way.

    Your suggestion would be the simplest though!

    • Weekly round-ups are great. My favorite is at Oh, the Books! They list SO many discussion posts… which is great for me, since those are the kinds of blog posts I most like to read anyway. Sometimes I find a new blog to follow, sometimes not. But even if the rest of the blog isn’t for me, I know the OTB ladies will hook me up again with the stuff I do want to read.

  6. I’d contribute to your kickstarter! My problem is consistency. Whether its being consistent on my own blog or keeping up with other blogs/bloggers. The main reason I signed on to be a cheerleader this time around was to “force” myself to get out there and meet more bloggers. I’m not shy IRL (at least not since I was a kid), but tend to be shy online.

    • That’s so funny, because I’m the complete opposite. I’m super shy in real life, but safe behind my computer, I can be more outgoing.

      • Um, yeah, I remember at Borders you were on the quiet side and when I found your blog I was blown away by the force of your personality. In a good way!

        • Ha! I like to think of this as my “real” self. I do eventually open up in real life, but few people know me well enough and long enough to see it.

  7. I haven’t done anything drastic to expand my blog, but in the very early days joining a few select memes was definitely the first thing that helped me find new blogs and gain some followers. Also hosting a challenge has inadvertently helped — expansion wasn’t my goal with that, but it was a nice side effect. Like you, I like to expand by connecting with other new blogs. I have found some of the best blogs to connect with through other blogs I already follow (either through their blogrolls or seeing some of the same commenters frequently enough to entice me to go check their blog out) — that seems to be a really great way to find blogs that I really want to read where we have common interests.

    • Yeah, I find I make connections a lot more easily if it’s a “friend of a friend” kind of situation. Those are more likely to stick, just because you see each other around on the same blogs. At the same time, I don’t want to get too comfortable and limit myself to just one circle.

  8. I’ve also found blogging events like Armchair BEA and Bloggiesta etc to be great ways to meet new blogs/bloggers! I think that’s a great goal to have. I’m always actively looking for new blogs to follow too! My reader is pretty bare at the moment. Hope you’re having a fun Armchair BEA so far!

    • Once you’ve been blogging longer, your reader will have more blogs than you know what to do with. (And yet, if you’re anything like me, that won’t stop you from looking for more!)

  9. My blog is relatively new so I won’t be making in drastic changes anytime soon.

    ABEA has been really helpful in exposing me to a wide variety of blog styles and writing styles.

    I thought that bloglovin’ would help tame my lists, but I still keep falling back on my web bookmarks. SMH.

    • I use Feedly to help keep the blogs I follow organized. I have them grouped into different categories, so if I have limited time, I can easily just check my favorites, and make time for the others later. Adding new blogs, unfollowing ones I’ve lost interest in, and keeping my lists organized is an ever-evolving task. Thanks for stopping by!

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