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  1. I love audiobooks just because it allows me to get through a book during commute or work, and sometimes the reader can really bring the book to life for me. With comics and graphic novels I am more like you though – I really don’t look at the images as much – if I’m supposed to be reading words, then that is what I want to do. The book S sounds really interesting though – I’ve never read such a unique book so I’m curious to see how I will like it!

    • I’ve heard that the narrator really makes or breaks the audiobook, and I can definitely see that just in the little I’ve tried. But I just don’t have the attention span to have something read to me. I’ll start thinking about other things and miss out on the story.

      • Oh, the narrator definitely makes or breaks the audiobook. Check out the reviews of The Feast of Crows audiobook. They changed the narrator due to scheduling issues. Lots of complaints. Personally, I’m struggling with it as well. I may break down and read the book. I prefer audiobooks on road trips and my short commutes to and from work.

        I’ve only gotten through The Ship of Theseus part of S. I haven’t been motivated to go back through and read the notes in the margins yet. It’s is a beautiful book though. I love pulling it out of the slip cover. The feel of the pages and all the stuff stuck in the pages. It’s so cool.

        Now a multimedia book I did enjoy, The Law of Love by Laura Esquival (known for Like Water for Chocolate). She combined a novel with some graphic novel/comic aspects and music. I read it ages ago and loved it.

  2. I think we will find technology bringing us more and more varieties of formats for reading. Maybe another one will peak your interest. If not, though, maybe it’s simply not for you. Being a traditionalist isn’t always a negative thing! I like listening to audiobooks while driving or cleaning so I can read while doing something else. Win-win!

    • That is a win, if you can actually concentrate on what you’re doing and the story at the same time, which apparently my brain is just not equipped to do.

  3. I’ve always been an art lover so if the graphics aren’t good then it doesn’t matter how great the story is, I’m going to be too focused on how bad the art is

    • I guess that would be another downside. I have the opposite problem; I don’t have enough appreciation for the art, so it’s sort of wasted on me.

  4. being a Buffy fan since Buffy first came out makes me probably the oldest JJ Abrams fan ever. . .but I’m still hesitant to read S. for a host of reasons. I found myself nodding throughout reading your blog post as I can relate in so many ways. Great way to sum up how many of us still feel about the written word!

    • I didn’t realize J.J. Abrams was involved with Buffy. But yeah… a part of me really wants to read it, but with so many other books on my TBR that are “easier” choices, it just hasn’t happened yet.

  5. I’m with ya. I prefer just books. I can’t listen to audiobooks (I’ve tried so many times) and I’m not a big fan of graphic novels. I don’t even like book trailers! I have read one graphic novel, called Blankets, which was very, very good – it almost makes me want to read more, but considering it’s been, I don’t know, a decade since I read it, with no other graphic novels attempted since, well – I am what I am! Which is a reader of good ol’ fashioned “books.” That being said – two other books that I can think of, and which I wrote about today, do incorporate images/graphics as an integral part of the story, and I loved both books. So, it can definitely work, even for stodgy folk like me.

    • Ooh, I didn’t even think to mention book trailers! I’m not a fan of those either. All the ones I’ve seen are so cheesy… but that aside, I just don’t feel like they can really represent a book (unless it was a mixed media sort of thing, in which case it could be perfect).

  6. It took me a little while to grow to love comics, but I’m glad I made the effort. I know that I do still focus more on the words than on the art, though!

    (I recommend S. I got a huge kick out of it.)

    • The only one I read was a continuation of the cartoon series Avatar: The Last Airbender. In that case, a comic was the perfect medium, because the show is so visual… it would be hard to imagine a story taking place in that world that wasn’t also visual.

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