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  1. It’s interesting that most of your search terms are on specific books. Mine are often discussion questions about books, making me think that many of the people who stop by my blog have already read the book or are actually looking for spoilers (or cultural/historical context). I still try to avoid spoilers about plot points, though. I think I’ve managed to have very few of them on my blog, even when writing about classics like Wuthering Heights (assuming there are really people out there who don’t know what happens!).

    Good luck with your job application!

    • My discussion posts generally get the most comments, but aside from some key exceptions (like, any time I talk about Goodreads…) they hardly ever get searched for. I do sometimes get searches looking for spoilers (which I find odd, but to each their own), but most often it’s just title and author. I’m always envious of bloggers who get crazy search terms leading to their blog. Mine are always boring.

      • Search terms are fun. It’s the only time we get a peek into our readers’ heads (which sounds kind of creepy now that I’ve written it!). Every now and then I write a post about some of the search terms that lead people to my blog. The crazy search terms are the best.

  2. Good luck with the job! That would be fantastic for you.

    And thank you so much for sharing about the giveaway, I’m so excited!

    • You’re welcome! I wish I could be there (especially because Better Off Dead is one of the few classic Cusack movies I’ve actually seen). I’m totally planning on doing Con Air next week though.

  3. That is a good reminder about not every blog reader being a blogger — I think it is much more common for bloggers than non-bloggers to comment (which is totally fine!), but sometimes it does make it easy to forget that other people are watching/reading as well. I do read reviews of books I haven’t read yet to get recommendations (even though I don’t really NEED any more!) and haven’t had any real trouble with spoilers. There are very rarely ever spoilers at the beginning of a review and I think I’ve gotten pretty good at figuring out from the first paragraph or two if a review is giving too much away so I can click away without reading on. I never really understood the tendency to avoid reviews of books someone hasn’t read yet, but to each his own! Though I suppose if it’s a book I am already planning on reading (vs. a book I’ve never heard of before), it might be better to read with a fresh mind and see what other bloggers have said afterwards. More often than not though, I enjoy reviews of books I’m already interested in to help me figure out if I should bump them a bit higher on the TBR pile or not. And if I’m really nervous about spoilers, I’ll just take note of the rating (if the blogger uses ratings) and move on.

    Crossing my fingers for you on the job application! A library job sounds pretty awesome to me :)

    • I used to be a total lurker. Even as a blogger, I was a lurker. It really wasn’t until the last couple years that I started getting more confident about commenting. So really, you never know who’s reading.

  4. A library job! How cool would that be! Years ago, before we had our son, I briefly considered applying for a part time weekend position at my local library. But then I decided it would be too much with the job I had through the week, lol. I wanted to do it for FUN …. Sounds stupid but I always wanted to work somewhere with books and other readers around. Good luck!!!

  5. Hope you get the job! It would be such a good fit for you :) And yes most of my search terms are to my reviews also and I think non bloggers mostly don’t comment. I know I never did before I started blogging but I did read reviews all the time to help me choose my next book. I often wonder how many non blogging people are lurking about on my site, it would be fun to know.

    • I do sometimes wonder about that. It seems strange to get to know some readers so well, but knowing there are others out there who visit just as much but never say anything. I understand, though, I used to be a hardcore lurker. I would shy away from commenting on blogs even when I knew the person. But you’re right, it would be fun to know.

  6. I hope you get that job- that would be fantastic! I couldn’t agree more about captcha…ugh. It’s annoying.

    I lurk on a lot of blogs and have certain blogs I always post comments on. I’m definitely one who doesn’t read a review of a book I have on my TBR list because I’m worried about spoilers. I generally only read reviews of books I’ve never heard of (and if the review is good, then I’ll add to my list) or books I’ve already read, just to see someone else’s opinion. I don’t like to have much information revealed on a book I haven’t read yet.

    Hope you’re having a great weekend!

    • Yeah, those are the reviews I tend to read as well. It’s not even just spoilers – because I do have my “safe” blogs that I know won’t spoil me – but especially if I’m going to be reading a book in the near future, I want to go in with as clean a slate as possible… not only spoilers, but just expectations in general, and reading reviews will definitely influence that.

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