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  1. I find TweetDeck moves too fast for me during chats like Bout of Books! Plus I use it for work so I’d be really paranoid about tweeting on one of the work accounts by accident. But the columns are really useful.

    • You know, I’d never considered that the column being so narrow means the tweets move faster than they would with another service. I think Bout of Books has the only chats massive enough that I can’t always keep up with, but that just means I need my other columns even more.

  2. I miss joining in Twitter chats! My favorites were always during work, and in the past few months I haven’t had time to join in! It’s how I met a lot of the PR and photography-minded people I’ve met. Tweetdeck is not my favorite option for twitter chats because it does move so fast, but it looks like you have a great setup to be able to follow it. I would usually have default Twitter notifications up, the host’s page on Twitter open, and the Tweetchat in separate browser tabs, which required a lot more switching around, but the format was easier for me for some reason. Thanks for sharing this!

    • When I first started doing chats, I did use TweetChat and have my notifications up in another tab. This is just easier for me to see everything at a glance, even if I can’t catch every single tweet (which I couldn’t do on TweetChat anyway, at least not with the bigger chats).

  3. TweetDeck is how I use Twitter on a daily basis and I honestly don’t know how anyone uses it any other way? Maybe it’s just becaus I’ve been using it for years, but it’s just so, so nice. I have it set up with my normal feed, my @mentions, retweets, new followers and favorites all show up in one column and then I usually have a tag column for some kind of event (like right now I have #BEA14). It’s just so easy.

    • TweetDeck is mainly what I use as well. I started using it just for chats, and then I realized it was an easier way to follow multiple lists, and now with the changes Twitter’s been making lately (first conversation threads and then the new ugly profiles) I use it almost exclusively.

  4. I’ve only done a couple twitter chats, and I usually just use the website with different tabs so this is MUCH better!! I do have Tweetdeck, but I don’t use it often for some reason – this post is really helpful for me though, because I think I can use your method and not feel so overwhelmed. Armchair BEA is coming up and I know I will have to get organized!

    • I had the thought to put this post together after the craziest Bout of Books chat I’ve ever been to last week! Specifically the tip to have a separate column for the host, because so often I see people asking, “What question are we on?” just because everything speeds past so fast. I don’t know that the ABEA chats will be quite as crazy, but I find the columns helpful even with less hectic chats.

  5. I’ve used TweetDeck for work, but never thought to use it to follow a Twitter chat — I must say it seems much more organized this way. The chaos of so many people participating kind of put me off even attempting, but maybe I will give it a try some time keeping in mind your tips :)

    • I used to use separate tabs, like other people have mentioned, but I find it really helpful having everything on one screen. So, even if I’m checking and replying to my mentions, I can at least see out of the corner of my eye how fast the chat is moving and how much I’m missing.

  6. Great set up! I use Hootsuite which is pretty similar. I may need to use some of your organization ideas to make it work better for me. Thanks!

  7. I use TweetDeck for my usual daily twitter activities, so of course also for twitter chats. I have similar organisation and it works great, like you said, the only downside is having to remember to past in the hashtag.

    • Right, and I’m usually really good about that! (Like I said, that’s why I have my own tweet column so I have the chance to catch myself if I forget it.) It just figures that the one I miss ends up in my screen shot!

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