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    • Someone had rented out a room for it, so I don’t think people would have been walking through. They might walk by and wonder what was going on, but it wasn’t like out in a park or a mall or something… although that could be cool too, in a different way. I could see an event like that complementing something like World Book Night.

  1. Ummm that mother’s day card thing is so weird! And if it’s a not-so-subtle hint, totally rude! I am team it’s-none-of-your-damn-business when it comes to these things and now that I’m around “that age” and been married for a “good amount of time,” it pisses me off to no end the number of people who think it’s OK to inquire/suggest/push their opinion about my plans for reproduction. If she didn’t mean it that way, it’s a mystery to me why she sent it, though this harsh comment certainly wouldn’t apply :)

    As for Bout of Books, I like daily updates better than a master post of updates as well (I’m doing every other day, but same idea) — I’m not going to be going back and finding an old post to see what someone’s been up to, I want new stuff to show up in my feed reader :)

    • Every day, every other day, one update at mid-week and a wrap-up at the end… however often you want to do it doesn’t really matter. I just like to see the updates pop up in my reader, because like you said, I’m not going to think to go back each day and check.

  2. I like the daily updates so I don’t miss anything from people I’m following. And like you – if I don’t want to read a post, I just skip it! Doesn’t bother me at all. I started with just a master post, but then it was just easier to do the updates each day.

    I have often wondered the same thing – what am I missing in my brain that makes me hate exercise? I wish I was one of those people that lives for running and doing marathons. I just have never been that way and can’t see myself that way ever in the future.

    That is strange about the card. Some people with pets consider themselves mothers and there’s nothing wrong with that – I just wouldn’t think someone would send me a card back when I just had my dog and cat. :)

    • You know, there are probably some people who find it easier to do a master list, and if that’s the way they want to do it, that’s fine too… I just so often see something in there about not clogging up people’s feeds, and it just seems kind of silly if that’s the only reason. I guess I view it as, I’d rather cater to the people who do want to see my content than those who don’t.

  3. I don’t get that endorphin thing either! I am envious of people who do — it gives them a second motivation (besides the obvious one of living healthily) to go out and exercise. Nobody ever believes me when I say I don’t get the endorphin thing, so it is a relief to hear someone else say the same!

    • It’s definitely not just you! I mean, when I’m actually in the habit of exercise, I do feel good afterwards… but it’s more that I feel accomplished, and I’m proud of doing something that doesn’t come naturally to me, than any kind of “runner’s high” (whether it’s from running or anything else).

  4. I also have two cats, and they are not in their early youth anymore so more rather than less one of them is having some kind of a health problem, and it has definitely made us stay at home sometimes when we had plans to go somewhere. Luckily we have relatives living across the street who can take care of them when we are away, I think I’d feel a bit anxious leaving them if even for two days (one is Miss Gluttony so I’m worried all the time of the other one has any food at all :p)

    The card business is odd and I personally would be offended, but I’m easily offended like that, I have very strong “ain’t no-one’s business what kind of plans I have for reproduction” attitude.

    I’ve always done daily updates for Bout of Books and I never thought these clutter anyone’s screen – you can just skip those in your reader, there is no need to click or read through them if you are not interested. I follow lotsa blogs and physically couldn’t be able to remember to go see everyone’s one post, so I always like daily updates :)

    • Yeah, we have a young-ish cat (he’ll be 6 this year) who is a glutton and cannot graze. When we leave him for the weekend, he probably finishes his two days worth of food in the first twelve hours… which is of course not ideal, but not really an issue in the long run. But our “new” cat, who’s somewhere in the 12-15 range, can’t eat too much at a time or he’ll make himself sick. So that plan doesn’t work for him. Unfortunately, the people who we would normally ask to pop in on them also has a wedding the same weekend we do (and, amusingly, also have a cat, who we often cat-sit for when they’re out of town). So, even though this is three months away, we’re already trying to figure out if there’s anyone else here who can take care of them, or if we’re going to have to bring them with… which we’ve never had to do with both cats yet (we’ve only had the second one since January), plus we usually stay with my parents, but because of wedding craziness (my brother and his fiancee – and her two-year-old daughter – are temporarily living with them) we’re thinking it would probably be better to stay with my mother-in-law that weekend, only she also has a cat, and frequently dog-sits (as in, has the dog there). Sooo… yeah, it’s a whole big thing that’s already stressing me out.

      (Sorry for the wall of text!)

      • No reason to apologise – it’s always interesting to see how other people handle the pet problems. It’s a bit tough when your usual catsitters are away as well; we will have the same situation during the Midsummer’s holiday. It means we will be away 2 days tops, whereas otherwise we could be like 4-5 days in the summer cottage.

    • I didn’t even consider that… but if that were the case, I would expect the card to be written as if it were from the cat, or to at least address the cat. This was just… “Happy Mother’s Day, to my ‘daughter.'” I dunno, maybe I’m reading too much into it. It just struck me as odd.

  5. I agree with you about being active. I get an endorphin rush sometimes (I really can’t tell what does it) but it only lasts about 5 minutes and then I just feel… Empty? Tired? Sore?

    Also with you on the song thing. There are songs I would never ever like if they weren’t by a favourite band. Our brains show such prejudice!

    • Empty, tired, and sore are all very familiar. I might be happy that I did it, but I’m more happy that I’m done.

  6. I exercise about 3 times a week and have been for over a year. I’m still waiting for that endorphin high, ha! My husband and I waited 5 years before having our son. People are rude about children. When we had been married for a year, the questions began about when we’d have kids. By year 3, they stopped because I think people thought there was a problem conceiving. There was no problem, we just weren’t ready. Now our little guy is getting ready to turn 2 and I’m bombarded with “when you going to have your second?” Questions. It’s like people think you’re insane if you only have one. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. While I think it’s a little strange to send a fur-mom a Mother’s Day card, I wouldn’t read too much into it either.

    • We’ve been together for seven years. We’ve gone through phases where no one mentions it, and then other times it seems like we’re asked about it all the time. Considering that people know our plan is to have children, I can understand the curiosity… but I really wish everyone would just shut up about it. When there’s news to tell, you’ll know. Until then, leave it alone.

  7. Okay, the card thing is a little weird.

    I am one of those people who actually uses, successfully, high intensity cardiovascular exercise to cope with depression and anxiety. It has worked really well for me, but it’s very specific exercise like running, kickboxing, distance swimming. Simply weight lifting or yoga or something of the like wouldn’t work for me.

    • A couple years ago, we gave up our Y membership to buy an elliptical. Overall it’s been a good move, but I do actually miss lifting weights. Again, I wouldn’t get a high off it, but I could feel myself getting stronger, which isn’t something I get with cardio. It was just a lot more satisfying, even if it’s not as beneficial for losing weight.

  8. Yikes that Mothers Day card is weird! As for the exercise, I lapsed for over a year but I’m well back on track now for the last two months. I know I need exercise to feel good. Even when I hate it in the middle, I get a high afterwards just knowing I pushed myself. Running is the only exercise that gives me that feeling though. It just works for me.

    • I’m trying to get back on track. I’m good for a few days, and then I lapse for a week, and then I’ll have another few days… I guess it’s better than giving up altogether, but it’s frustrating that I can’t seem to suck it up and do it.

      • At least it’s only a week you lapse for and not a year like me! It’s so frustrating trying to build up my fitness again but week by week, it’s getting easier.
        I try and give myself a reward for sticking at it for a week. Even something small is motivation for me.

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