8 comments on “Bout of Books 10 – Day Four

  1. I think you’re OK on the challenge — it did say “pick a word” and I do think those were just examples. I went with the not so creative “Bout of Books,” so I did a phrase — if you’re wrong, we both are! And WOW you’ve read a lot of pages…do you still have more in you for the rest of the week? :)

    • I did start seem some alternate words after I’d written this, but up until then I was the only one I’d seen who went outside the box, so I started to wonder.

  2. Oo. I really liked ‘Heart Shaped Box’ can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

  3. I took it as an example too, I was so surprised that everyone was doing it all that way. :) I used a User Name I use around the internet, because I had just done the challenge recently for something else and it was half done. I had just had to change a few because we used author names for it as well. :)

    • Yeah, I didn’t think anything of using a different word until I started seeing everyone else’s examples, and mine was the only one that stuck out! Later I did start seeing some others, but those were few and far between. Oh well, I’m fine being a rebel!

  4. I think we could just use any word we wanted, although I used my birth month because I have no imagination! I just realised you are a very quick reader – 230p in 1.5h – much quicker than I manage. What book do you think you will tackle next?

    • Well, almost all of those pages were from A Monster Calls which is set up like a children’s book… large font, lots of pictures, sometimes there were only a few lines of text on a page… so, don’t let the number fool you!

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