12 comments on “Bout of Books 10 – Day Three

  1. I never actually signed up, even though it’s been on my calendar since April. I’ve been having trouble concentrating to read so I didn’t want to set myself up with pressure. Today’s been a bit better and I’m hoping that is a good sign of things to come!

  2. Sounds like you’ve been having a successful week so far.

    Today was good! Just balancing out the time I have between posting and finding new blogs and actually reading is hard, but it’s all really fun.

    • It is tough. My first Bout of Books I think I went overboard on the socializing side of things, and then the next couple I went to the other end of the spectrum. This time around I feel like I found a good balance.

  3. Day three was my best day yet, which is weird since I didn’t start reading until almost 2pm. I even finished a book! Woo!

    • Yay! My best day was Monday, and then I had nowhere to go but down. Not that I’m not happy with my progress, I just think I burned myself out a bit.

    • The first chat was crazy! I mean, they’re always crazy, and I’m never able to read everything… but this time around I think I was reading one tweet out of every ten or fifteen. Seriously… CRAZY!

  4. Wow! Look at that page total! Hope to see you at the chat Saturday! I have a commitment that finishes up at 11am (EST), so I plan on running to my car and making it to the chat right after!

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